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Default Re: Activity Here and Pokemon Online server

I don't seee this working, the prievously set up shoddy server for pe2k died because of lack of activity rather than boosting activity.

Do I have ideas? None at the moment, uni life has been real busy and battling has taken the back seat again..., but when I was in full in swing I fond generation 5 and the many new tiers most enjoyible to partake in. Old mons becoming godly like nite and politoed, the introduction of non legandary weather starters and the varity of choice over 150 new mons brings. I see no real reason for 5th gen to bring about reduced activity to competive battling.

Idea forming, I think the best idea is "paint" pe2k as an ideal place for serious competive battling and discussion while having the old friendly chatty atmosphere like back in the good old days of the elite bandits, viral infusion, icicle clan and Spartans. That really did this place juctice compared to other sites such as smogon, which I find there members often are often rude, snobbish and stupid, often shadowing the works of their better members like gen empoleon and obi.