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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ione (Iolanthe)
Apprentice, Light
Mess Hall, Everlastia

It was as if nothing had happened, in regards to the ribbon-caster. He sat casually where had had before the incident, continuing on with his book. It would have been easy for this boy to break into one of the many conversations that had erupted and probably be showered with congratulations on a job well done. However, he didn’t appear to have any interest in the notion, content in solitude. Surprisingly, the Angel was one of the few to personally acknowledge him.

"I didn't ask for help." Her tone was lacking of excitement. "I could have taken him myself, I would have preferred it, actually.” She proceeded to reveal, which served to explain the nature of her voice. Personally, though, Ione was quite satisfied with the way it had turned out. Violence would have lead to far more trouble, which would have only made things worse in the long run. However, with that being said, today’s cafeteria incident could easily serve as a catalyst for future discord, too easily.

The dark-haired girl shifted, hoping to get a better look at the assumed bookworm, debating whether or not she should go thank him. This was swiftly put on the back burner when she caught a glimpse of Rush’s expression. Untainted fear twisted his features; it was a stark contrast to the bright smile worn previously. It didn’t take a trained psychiatrist to conclude what had triggered the change either…

The light-haired boy’s chilling, almost violent outburst had scared him. She too had been startled by the sudden change in domineer, but for some reason, didn’t seem to be nearly as negatively affected. There was almost familiarity in what had just happened, an outburst undiluted anger and… darkness. Ione’s eyes widened at the realisation, although they were quick to return to their usual state. She silently wondered if the black forces really could have been the responsible party, although it would explain the situation perfectly. And, it was at that moment, while the others quietly discussed, that Iolanthe really grew uncomfortable, but not for reasons mirroring Rush’s…

"Rush saw, and he looks like he's about ready to come out of his own skin. We're gonna have to explain, Kokoro..." from her new angle, Ione was able to see the recipient’s visible unease. She appeared to be in thought, and made no attempt to retort the statement, despite her obvious feelings.

After a few moments of silence, the Angel finally sighed, taking the lack of response as a “yes”. It was now her task to provide the explanation.

"Look, I know that kind of expression. You saw Kumori, didn't you?" Judging by her tone, this was not a pleasant charge. Her words were aimed at Rush, who’s face hadn’t lightened any, probably not making things any easier. , I don't know about it as well as Kokoro, but...that wasn't really him. Please, don't be afraid of him, it tears him up, and that only makes it worse... Gah, I suck at this!" She admitted, and took a slight break to nibble on her snack. "Look, I promise, we'll explain later, but please calm down right now. He's really a nice guy, he doesn't deserve the problem he's dealing with, and he's dealing with a really big problem... would that explanation suffice right now?"

Ione didn’t know if it was her place to speak, or even respond in any way. Lacking in social experience, she simply turned to Rush, wondering how he would react. She knew her answer though, for now, that would be just fine.

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