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augh I need to keep writing but I'm in the process of setting up other things and then the novel I'm working on... And I can try, Grassy, but no promises xD; I might start formulating ANOTHER fanfic idea if I do. And then GLaDOS would kill me.

Turret: We should be a christmas present. I hope we celebrate it this year.

GLaDOS: In either case you aren't a test subject. It isn't real anyways, just for decoration. And you, be glad the turret didn't hear you. Of course, I could just tell it...

Eggman: YOU WIN *Flees*

Turret: ?

GLaDOS: All right, so production with our records is behind schedule. But look at the bright side. You might get to start with a Christmas special. You like those. I know; no test subjects don't. So just be patient.

Turret: Yaaaay.

Elation Core: OHWOW looklooklook I'M WITH CELEBRITIES! They're EVERYWHERE! *Spins excitedly*
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