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Default The Aperture Science Storyteller Sphere Test || Portal <Updated 12-4-11>

WARNING: Test subjects who are easily convinced of non-facts, exaggerators of the truth, compulsive gossipers, claustrophobic, or prone to catching on fire are to avoid the Storyteller Sphere chamber. Compulsive liars are also prohibited. Please do not repeat the stories the Storyteller Sphere tells to anyone who is not an Aperture Science Certified Storyteller Associate. Thank you for your cooperation.

"If you cut yourself in this test chamber and find that you're leaking natural gas, let a testing associate know. That's not supposed to happen, and that might cause you to explode. You should probably run out of there as fast as you can if that happens."


Chapter One: Here we are again.
Security Recording 01

<As a note, I'll be posting this on when my account gets past the two day waiting period before I can post things up. I'll link it back to here and vice-versa once I get it up.>
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