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Default Re: Digimon Mystery Dungeon

Name: Ren
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Other: Mood affects Digievolution. When angry, become Black Garurumon and so on. When calm, regular mood, becomes regular Garurumon and so on.
Starting Post: Ren opened his eyes and saw where he was. A thick, luscious forest. "Ugghh," Ren moaned, "I thought there were no forests... wherever I live..." A Terriermon came over. "Need a little help?" it asked. "Huh?" Ren thought then shouted, "What are you?!" "I'm a Terriermon, you should know," Terriermon told Ren, "You're a Gabumon." "Gabumon?" Ren asked, "I'm a hu-- WHA?! I'M A HUMAN! NOT A GABUMON!" Ren started to rant. "Need some help getting back home?" Terriermon asked, "This stuff happens a lot." "Y-y-you can?" Ren asked, "Thanks. By the way, I'm Ren." "Just call me Terrier," Terriermon told Ren.

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