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Default Re: [SU/DS][All Inclusive] Perfectworld Phase One

Putting the previous extras here to free up space on the main post, and adding a new one!

Extra 1-Teaser

"So what brings you here?"

"You'll love what I just did!"

"And just what did you do?"

"Selected, at random of course, some new troops."

"Where did these troops come from?"

"I summoned them using the Database."

"Are you a total IDIOT?! That means they could be coming from anywhere! You could've summoned some demon!"

"Yes, but...I could have summoed a hero."

"You're gambling with this world's safety!"

"But we can destroy the evil ones, right?"

"Not if they come with laser beams or something. You forget we're not that far along in technology. Yeah, we have Magic, but I'm pretty sure they will too."

"What makes you think that?"

"Just a hunch. When will they be here?"


"Whatever then. Rally the members. And try not to endanger our civilization as a whole on the way there."

Extra 2-Clarification
-This RP is, as you can see, sometimes confusing and unclear. I'll be changing that today.
-The worlds vary greatly. There are an unlimited number of them, and your character was pulled from a random one.
-It's safe to assume you can have any technology, any type of weapons.
-The setting of World 8 is modern times, but they have magic.
-Your character can be from any setting, any time, any place.
-Your character will not remember thier past as a result of the random summoning and the recent malfunctions of the Database.
-Your character can be evil, but they will have to fight through a small army to get away.
-Your character will not just "pop up" in Soar's base, but the forest outside of it. The forest at this time is an illusion, and once you are deemed safe, you will then see a small village in the distance. That's where all of you will meet. Soar's base is a bit of a walk from there.
-Magic is an emotion strong enough to break into the world in physical form. Anger, sadness, they'll all work. But as this process isn't reliable, more experienced users think about the magic they're trying to cast. This might not be as strong, but it works all the time.

Extra 3-Origins of World Zero


Day 1 of the Starain's maiden voyage-a voyage between worlds. Many of these transports have gone through what we call the Void, the dimension between worlds.
All systems seem to be going well. Our mission is bringing supplies to World 4, from World 1. It's a log journey, one that will take at least a month.
These days are long and tedious, but nothing has ever gone wrong on these journies.

Day 8 of our mission, still nothing to report. I still don't see why all of us need to keep these journals, and to boot, on the Starain's central computer.
However,I must write a minimum each day, so I'll drag this one on. If my family is reading this, I'll be back to see them in not too long.

So much has happened. First, our boring trip was disturbed by, of all things, a meteor. Yeah, a meteor in the Void. It was as though air ripped itself apart in it's wake.
I was actually catapulted onto the meteor. I'm recording this through the wrecked central computer, on a small almost non-functional keyboard.
As I type this message, light is shooting from the computer, the beams of light somehow physical, creating platforms and almost building-like structures.
I ran a diagnostic on the former central computer, and it seems...corrupted in some way. As if it's expandi███ ███████████ █████ ██ ██████ █████ ███ ██ █ ██████ █████


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