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Name: Subject IX

Age: -

Gender: N/A

Status: WAE Prototype Sona Generator and Life Termination Support Machine

Appearance: The ninth in a line of robots built primarily to produce Sona, IX is the most basic in terms of appearance. His robotic chassis isn't even covered with defensive armor save a thick white plate defending the torso and back, giving it the look of having broad shoulders, if such could be said. The head is a tangle of wires and circuitry with a bright red photoreceptor lens stretching vertically and horizontally across its 'face'. Its arms are numerous and uneven; on its right side are a delicate three-fingered crafting arm, as well as a large bulky rocket launcher affixed to the upper one. On the left is a huge crusher arm that seems to test physics with the tiny size of the pistons and gyros working it, with a Tesla coil welded to the bottom capable of launching concentrated bursts of electricity in to targts. Its legs seem too weak to hold its weight, necessitating an anti-gravity unit on its back that allows it to jump much more easily, the feet being remarkably thin with thick 'calves' to balance out the enormous weight of the machine. In actuality, a majority of its torso is devoted to processors so that its mind is capable of working on the level of a human, giving it a profound intelligence that belies its brute, frightening appearance.

Personality: Despite its highly advanced internal processors, IX has not yet learned how to act in ways that a human would. While its vaguely humanoid appearance aids it, the device has developed little beyond accepting orders. It rarely speaks, and when it does does so in a cold monotone that sounds too human to be natural. It only has a drive to follow commands, and though this was a safeguard to prevent IX from going rogue, it has led to extreme problems in personality development. As of now, the machine is mostly used to attack those who are not of the WAE

Background: A robot created with the purpose of developing reusable Sona, it was also created to assist in fighting deviants with the general lack of inspiration the WAE's soldiers have. To this end, it was fitted with several weapons, as were models VIII and VII. However, due to lax programming, VII and VIII's personalities developed at rapid pace and, without a directive to follow orders, they turned on their creators and ended up causing problems before they were successfully deactivated. Unfortunately, the directive to follow orders has interfered tremendously with its personality development, a problem with prototype units I through V as well before their termination. The personality construct in IX's body is unstable at best and dangerous at worst; it does have the capability of learning at incredible rates and defining a personality that quickly, but this capacity has had a way of backfiring with every model before, including the missing prototype VI. As of now, IX has been put through extensive testing of its weapons for use as a combat machine if it fails its intended purpose as a Sona generator.

Skills: Immense physical strength, surface-to-air missiles, directed electricity bursts, exposed joints and wires vulnerable to attack

And I'll makes one for a good guy later. I felt like posting this now because I'm proud of that Sona xD

... Okay I changed my mind, no crazy guy for me xD
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