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The Deadly Lady

Name: Theresa Maverick (Teri, for short)

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Status: WAE Tuner

Appearance: Theresa is a rather tall, imposing figure who stands at 5’ 8”. She constantly wears a scowl on her angular, pretty face, which features thin cheeks, and a few freckles across her pointed nose. Her eyes are green, and her hair is a vivid scarlet. She is very limber and thin, and leans toward nondescript whites and other pale grays when picking out her wardrobe. Unlike Domini, who’s practically her partner, she rarely smiles – and when she does, she’s far better at making it look convincing. I’m not sure if it goes here, but she has a very subtle Russian accent.

Personality: Theresa is a cold, cunning, deadly woman. She is practically incapable of remorse, and she is at her best when she watches others suffer. She has a morbid fascination with destroying her opponents both physically and mentally, reducing them to nothing but a sobbing emotional mess. She has a very, very hot temper underneath her cold, uncaring outside, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her rage. She gets annoyed very easily.

Background: Teri was born a WAE, raised WAE, will probably die a WAE. Her parents were both non-Deviant WAE, but when one WAE official caught her singing one day when she was a child, she was immediately trained to be WAE. They carefully avoided draining her will entirely, leaving her daunting, haunting voice, as well as not touching her complex mind. The result was a Deviant-breaker: a WAE designed specifically to be able to get inside the minds of Deviants and absolve them of any willpower to do anything but serve the WAE. Her and Domini – who was very good at hunting down and bringing in Deviants – became partnered up years ago.

Skills: Hand-to-hand-combat: Teri is very good at fighting with fists, feet, and the occasional handgun or small knife. She is very fast, and she has sharp reflexes.
Words: She’s not at Tungz level, but she is wickedly good at getting into others’ minds and making them believe what she wants them to believe.
Eagle eyes: Teri has excellent eyesight, both during the night and in the day. Unlike a lot of WAE, her lack of color-vision does not usually throw her off.

The Merciless Angel

Name: Katherine (Kath, for short)

Age: Several centuries

Gender: Female

Species: Harpy

Appearance: A slim, medium-short young woman who wears a long, flowing white dress white gloves to hide her rough, scaly feet and hands. She has a wide pair of golden-brown wings that sprout from between her shoulders. Her hair, pale blonde, flows to the small of her back. She has eyes the color of molten gold and an innocent, babyish look on her stunningly beautiful face. However, when she changes to her harpy form, she becomes radically different. Her face becomes an eagle’s beak, her hands and feet become bird talons, and she takes on a golden glow. In harpy form, she has huge claws on her fingers and toes.

Personality: Kath loves to have males of any kind swooning at her feet at all times, because she loves the satisfaction of turning them in to the WAE, breaking their hearts, and/or eating them alive. She adores shiny things, and will kill someone for a mere trinket. In fact, she’d kill pretty much anyone for any reason. She is generally very cold in conversation, and while she appears courteous and polite, she is usually thinking of at least nine different ways to take you down. She gets jealous very easily.

Information: Kath started out as a young girl’s thoughts of an angel. At first, she was just Theresa’s playmate. But when the girl was trained as a WAE, Katherine transformed to reflect this, transforming into a terrible, violent creature. Since then, she’s been wandering Nexen, hunting down every free Sona she can find and ripping them to shreds with her beak and claws.

Abilities: Harpy mode: She can change from a beautiful young woman – albeit with dry, cracked hands and feet – into a monstrous, murderous, fast and deadly bird-woman.
Mesmerizing stare: Her eyes are hypnotic. Weaker-willed people will be easily swayed by whatever she says when she looks at them; the strongest experience only slight dizziness and drowsiness. This effect works better on males.
Tempest winds: Kath can summon huge winds by beating her wings. These winds are enough to tear leaves off of trees.
Dazzling burst: In harpy mode, Kath can release a huge pulse of golden light that blinds anyone who sees it.

Other: She and I share a name. XD

The Snarker

Name: Simon Pruitt

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Status: Enginez Deviant

Appearance: Slightly thin kid of average height with black hair. Said hair is always a somewhat curly mess. He has hazel eyes, a slight gap in his front teeth, and he dresses like a hobo in his hole-laden jeans and oil-stained T-shirts. He’s usually got a look of concentration on his face, and he rarely makes eye contact. He has no less than four pockets at all times, and a wire or so can usually be seen poking from one of these pockets.

Personality: Simon has a passion for sarcasm. He has a wit that could slice through steel, and one of the greatest minds since Einstein – and he is not afraid to tell you so, either. He loves to solve any kind of puzzles, from Sudoku to locks to jigsaws to robots. Especially robots. Simon doesn’t really have a ‘people-person’ disposition – he prefers to stick to machinery, because mechanical minds are easier for him to understand. He can roll with the punches easily most of the time; however, he is highly protective of his friends and his equipment. If you endanger either, prepare for a scrap.

Background: Simon grew up in a Deviant-filled neighborhood that hid its Deviousness almost entirely from the WAE – until someone betrayed Simon, in order to gain a huge cash-pile for turning in an Enginez. The entire neighborhood was either executed or arrested. Simon was taken into custody, however, before he could be brainwashed into the WAE, he managed to escape imprisonment. He now skulks about, hiding in the shadows, and staying the heck away from WAE.

Skills: Speed: The boy, he can run. Very, very fast.
Brain: The boy, he can think. He can think hard and good.
Memory: The boy, he can remember. He can memorize pretty much anything and has a photographic memory.

The Deadpan

Name: The Engineer (Called ‘Engineer’ to his face)

Age: 140 years

Gender: Male

Species: Phoenix Griffin (Flaming Griffin. XD)

Appearance: Picture a huge lion, with a massive, regal mane. Now give the lion the wings, front feet, and face of an eagle. Then turn the entire thing orange and light the wings and mane on fire. This is The Engineer. He has a coat of deep, darkish orange, with darker spots mottled on. His wings are pale underneath and very wide, speckled as if with soot. His eyes are a vivid, ice blue; his eagles’ forefeet and his beak are a dark, ashy gray. He has a lion’s tail. His left wing and leg are robotic, made out of shiny bronze.

Personality: Almost as emotionless as a WAE. The Engineer barely speaks, preferring only to build and be in solitude. He believes that others bring only change, and he cannot stand change. He is extremely smart, and extremely humble about it – not necessarily on purpose, but rather because it doesn’t occur to him to boast. The one thing he loves more than inventing and building would be flying.

Information: The Engineer was created when Simon was very little: just something from his fantasy books. However, Simon was unaware that The Engineer was real. When The Engineer was captured and forced into the WAE, Simon only found out after his neighborhood was raided. He managed to convince The Engineer to try and escape, but the griffin lost two limbs in the process. Eventually, with coaching from Simon, The Engineer managed to build himself new limbs. He now fights to adjust himself to living as a true Sona again, in Enfin. He does not partake in combat, due to the wrongness he feels when attacking either side.

Abilities: Flame breath: The Engineer can breathe fire. This is useful in any combat he’s forced into, and it also enables him to smelt metal on the go.
Hot bod: The Engineer’s coat is warm to the touch, even when he allows his flames to die down. He can channel his body heat, so that his coat can literally burn.
Special senses: The Engineer can sense veins of pretty much any metal or gem in the earth. He can also sense the quality of all metal/gemstone products.
Lullaby: The Engineer, like many griffins, has a soothing singing voice that is very good at soothing tempers, or making people drowsy.

Other: Holy heck I love griffins so much. <3


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