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Default Winter Writing Competition 2011



If you are new to the story section, a writing contest is held biannually for any member of the URPG to show off their writing skills and have a chance at glory, fame, and the prized legendary Pokemon!

Regular story 'rules' apply. There must be a successful capture ending your story before it may be submitted. There is no length requirement, so you may write whatever/however you want.

Have something prepared? Sweet. Have nothing? Nice going. But you have about 30 days to get those pencils into gear and write up the best story you can.

If any of this sounds really familiar... good. I copied it from Emma's 2009 contest opening post, and she copied it from 2008.

  • Contest duration is November 31st through January 1st.
    Any stories posted during that time interval are eligible for this competition. There will be time after the deadline for final grading and to give people the chance to read them before voting.
  • Only URPG members are allowed to participate in writing.
  • You can write as many stories as you want but you may only submit one story for the competition. Also, your story MUST be graded and capture at least 1 Pokemon to qualify.
  • Tip: Long stories don't generally do better. Quality is very important.

The winner will receive any legendary of their choice (not already taken) to keep for the entire year and $10,000 in URPG currency.
The runner-up gets a pat on the back and $8,000 for a job well done.
Third place will earn a cool $5,000.
Everyone else? Experience and a pretty participation ribbon.

These prizes may differ for the better or worse depending on how many entries we receive.

Past Prevailing Authors:
1~ Jag
2~ Marth
3~ Shroomish
4~ Jack of Clovers
5~ Fair
6~ Neo Pikachu
7~ DaRkUmBrEoN
8~ Pokemon Trainer Sarah
9~ Seawolf
10~ DaRkUmBrEoN
11~ Seawolf
12~ Tyranitar_Trainer
13~ Fever
14~ Phantom Kat
15~ Bryce
16~ Sequentio
17~ Kai-Mei
18~ Natorei
19~ Kai-Mei

  • The voting duration date will be determined later, as it gets closer and stories are graded.
  • Send me a Private Message titled something along the lines of "Story Votes."
  • Voters will get $3,000 for their effort, but please vote for your favorite story, not your favorite person. It keeps the contest fair, and based on talent rather than popularity.
  • You must be a member of the URPG to vote. You may vote even if you have a story entered, but you may not vote for yourself.

The contest will consist of preliminary rounds, and one final round. Each round, there will be five stories up for voting (this, of course, depends on the amount of entries we receive). You will PM me your top three favorite stories (1 being your first favorite, 3 being your third favorite) as well as at least a one or two sentence summary of the story. Yes, this is a pain, but it will only be a huge bother to the people who have not actually read the stories. If there is no summary, your votes will not be counted and you will not receive any money.

After a week, I will tally the votes of the round. The story with the most votes will move on to the final round as well as receive a small prize for being the best of their group (I haven't decided what I'm going to award, so I'll reveal that later. It all depends on the amount of entries submitted). Voters get 3k for voting per round. It's a hefty sum if they vote every round, so a couple sentence summary should not be a problem. Also, as added incentive, anyone with a story entered who votes in their own round will receive an automatic 3 points for themselves.


The Case of the Diamond Pokeball by Dragoness
A Glance in the Mirror by White Knight
The Great Toad Frog Massacre by Black Reaper

Imagine That by MagikChicken
Into the Dark by Alaskapigeon

The Life of a Magikarp by gmandiddy
New Dawn by Jack
Personal Essay: The Aspect of Loneliness by Zombie Muse

Rabbit Heart by Buoysel.
Soul Wars by American TreeFrog
The Ugly Wurmple by PichuBoy
Viridian Forest by Captain Dude

Feel free to ask any questions.

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