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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The remaining seven Exio Void members in the room, having noticed the disappearance of the Arbitarian Pokemon but not noticing the Pokemon on the end of the rack that were equally missing, were now joined by the two guards from outside, somehow alerted to what happened. The fallen Guard's Pokemon, released when their bodies hit the floor, Shadow and quite confused as to what to do without anyone to order them around, were looking at their master's dead bodies with a bored and dull look, the confusion only notable by my Psychic abilities. The Guards were now on high alert, willing to kill whatever went in their way other than them.

That wouldn't matter. With every guard situated close to their fallen brethren, I could easily fly back to the special rack and steal even more of the Shadow Pokemon, bagging another twenty, including some rather close to the center of the rack, and threw them all to Duplix and the young man above, catching them without making a noise, save the last one, when our new partner accidentally put a PokeBall too forcefully on the metal above, and made a very distinctive noise. Each and every guard heard that, and without missing a beat aimed their arms at the open vent cover. Duplix and the other guy weren't to be seen from their angle, but they started to move directly below the vent cover, and with the assistance of the three shadows, unless a major distraction was made right then, they'd be found.

I pushed on a rack, and right then and there, I got a picture for what having well over the combined physical ability of six elite Olympic athletes meant. The special Pokemon rack, behind the rack I pushed and pressed against the wall, was the only one to remain standing: The rack I did push went soaring, slamming into every other rack and making the whole place fall like dominoes, and I had to keep airborne just to avoid drowning in the downpour of PokeBalls. Several of the grunts were knocked out, one was at the lower half of the business end of the rack I pushed and got crushed to death with it's weight, and one had suddenly burst out of the hodgepodge of PokeBalls with a Kinetic burst. In response, I threw one of the many PokeBalls now half-flooding the room at his head, and he got a nasty concussion, to say the least. It was bloody.

Using Telekinesis, I lifted about forty or so PokeBalls from the sea of Pokemon, all at once, flying up into the vent with it, not wanting to stick around for the Grunts that had started coming in and finding their very orderly Pokemon storage room now very disorderly.

<"Let's get the hell out of here!"> I telepathed, pleased that Duplix had spatially warped the captured PokeBalls out to the Calypso, save the Arbitarian Pokemon.

<"And how do you propose we do that?!"> Duplix responded.

<"I got here through the vents, they're just large enough for us."> Said our new accomplice. <"P.S., My name's Wes."> he added.

I'm not explaining how one crawls through a ventilation system, it's like crawling through a small tunnel made of metal. And it was hot. But it served us well, and with Wes leading, we found ourselves somewhere where there wasn't a high alert, at least, judging strictly from the lack of tense, careful, footsteps.

<"You can make us invisible, right?"> Wes asked.

<"Yes."> I responded. Wes worked on the vent cover, getting it open without pushing it out, and sliding it aside, while I put my touch on it, making it look to others like it never happened. Wes crawled out first, and then I did.

The room was a small one, made so by the large column of metal in the center of the room. On every wall save the one the vent was at, there were computers with complicated equations and recordings, 3D models and charts, and other scientific gibberish. Some were also blank. There wasn't anybody here right now, astoundingly.

Wes immediately went to press a button on the column within the room, and the thin metal sheet that made up most of the column was out of sight in instants. In it's place, a glass wall stood, thick and difficult to break. In two different crammed glass cages, without any kind of food but plenty of water, stood two Pokemon.

One was an Emboar, no doubts, and something dubious was about him, but he was calm and only curious as to what were obviously new faces. He was massive in comparison to me in all dimensions of size, and seemed to be larger than the average Emboar as well. The other was a Garchomp, smaller than the average, who in response to having the metal sheet removed from his sights, sprang up to make an obviously scary pose, roaring, but the voice didn't make it past the glass wall, and he suddenly noticed Wes. He dropped the act and started pointing at the button directly below him. There was also a third glass cage, but it had no prisoner. The floor was pure white, as was the ceiling. My glance was adverted for a second by something shiny, and I looked briefly at a sign above the doorway out of here: 4B floor and up. That meant by logical conclusion that this was the 5B floor, where something Top-Secret was located, even when the grunt that had this information knew that the 2B Floor was where the Shadow Pokemon were made.

With the cages unveiled, and the location confirmed, the whole place took on a new meaning, and several suspicion boiled within me, as questions emerged. Why keep two non-Shadow Pokemon caged up in here, when the Engulfment Process was being done three floors up from here? What was with all the science-related stuff, when these Pokemon weren't even Shadow Pokemon? And why was it just two, most of all. Was there a third? Where was it? And even if there was a third that was somewhere else, why just have enough space for three down here? What was going on?

Wes, without taking into account the kind of place this room was, immediately advanced to the Garchomp, but I was faster, and he hadn't taken two steps towards it before I stopped him cold.

<"Hold it. We don't know what's going on here."> I telepathed.

<"But that's my-">

<"Something's wrong about this place. Do you know what it is?"> I asked.

<"Something called the Starvation Process. I got it from eavesdropping this Commander, didn't see who it was. I'm not sure what they meant by it, but look. There's no food. I guess they're starving them."> Wes responded.

<"Hold it. Give me a minute before you do anything."> I telepathed.


<"Duplix, don't let him do anything dumb. It'll just be a few seconds, OK?"> I telepathed, Duplix standing in between Wes and the button, as I took in a direct glance from the Garchomp, hoping for answers.

My suspicions were well-founded, to say the least.

I'll skip the part about Bolivan's (The Garchomp's) relationship with Wes, and the kidnapping, and get down to what I was looking for. The first memory was when the first three Pokemon were still at the base stage, the Emboar currently a highly scared Tepig, the Garchomp a even more afraid Gible, and the third Pokemon's identity was revealed to be a Riolu. A female Riolu. A hyperactive, overly-childish, female Riolu, totally unaware of even the slightest threat. This memory was the first day of confinement within the cage for the poor Gible, and the other two were probably caught before then.

The second memory took place in the same glass chamber, but the Tepig was initially missing, and the Riolu's jumping around and about was strictly in curiousity, trying to find some way to speak to the Gible and to get to her absent buddy. But the Tepig, now a Pignite, rose up through the floor via a kind of elevator, and the Riolu took to further jumping about, obviously trying to yell out her confusion to her prior inmate's new form, and new, far more relaxed posture. The Riolu didn't have much time, as the ground beneath her gave way, and the Gible's thoughts were that the Riolu was going through the same thing the Tepig did...

The third memory was after the Female Riolu came up, and it was obvious that she, unlike the Pignite, hadn't changed even slightly, still attempting to yell out how it was like through the glass. However, now it was the Gible's turn for whatever it was, and true-blue mortal fear coursed through the Gible faster than it's madly beating heart could ever pump blood. The ground beneath it lowered slowly, steadily, revealing machines that were obviously new, and being used for the first time. The Gible madly scratched at his cage's grip-less walls to no avail, as he helplessly entered another room. The Gible didn't have time to comprehend it's newfound surroundings, however, as sleeping gas was pumped into the room.

The fourth memory was after the Gible regained consciousness, as it was being lifted back up to the top again. It instantly recognized two things; An impossible, irresistible hunger coursing through him stronger and more powerfully than his prior fear, and his Evolution. He was more confused about it than pleased, and only returned the looks of the Pignite and the Riolu with utter confusion.

The fifth memory was when the Gabite was back in the room he was taken to before to take in sleeping gas, gain an impossible to satisfy appetite, and Evolve, all of which didn't really make sense until when it was paired off against a Carvanah. In the water. In pitch black darkness. Ground-Type aside thanks to Dragon-Types being able to breath underwater and in space (I took both facts to heart), the sole predator made easy pray of the Gabite, unable to swim and totally confused as to it's surroundings, taking bite after bite at every angle, never ceasing or letting up. Meanwhile, the incomprehensible hunger was starting to get even stronger than before, transmitting to his whole body in a strange, welcome way, as it kept being bit. Then one time, the Gabite knew it had been bit again, but it felt more like something had, at last, given it something to eat, and it's body started swallowing whole it's attacker. The Gabite didn't take much notice or worry about the new sensation and the visceral information until he realized that the only thing that he could use to swallow anything was his mouth. he opened his eyes: The room's lights didn't go on, but it was as if everything was given an HD sight of sorts, while his body seemed to be enveloped in a black substance. He whipped his head around to where the last bite occured, and saw the tailfin of the Carvanah, desperately flailing, being sucked into the darkness. The craving it's stomach had made it's approval known by disappearing, and now the Gabite seemed to suddenly notice something: The Water's unfamiliar and intimidating qualities seemed to vanish. Looking over the black substance coating his body, he noticed the feeling of the tail and the fins of the Carvanah on him in proper ways.

After all of that, the Gabite promptly fainted from shock.

The sixth and final memory was later, when the Garchomp was currently as it was now, in it's wierd Dark-Bodied form, currently showing off Sharpedo parts and even more rows of black teeth, while the Emboar nearby showed off four arms and dark pillars, and the Riolu, still totally hyperactive, sporting Pidgey Wings and some kind of coat that reminded me of a Snover, all of it in the color of pitch-black darkness, each and every one still in their glass cages, each and every one focusing on two woman, one of who looked extensively like the girl I got Scyez from, the other looking like she was in charge. She made several gestures to the Riolu, probably explaining something to the feminine Volteer that would later get frustrated with training Scyez and give her to me, before she took an Ultra Ball and returned the Riolu, and the Garchomp could notice that the Emboar was watching the Riolu with a mean look in his eyes, as though he was jealous of the Riolu's freedom: It needed Friendship and Loyalty to something to Evolve, and for that, it needed to be with someone that would supply that...Or at least attempt to. And that wouldn't happen inside a cage.

A few other memories occured, and I was back, outside the cage. And I was hearing something entierly new.

All three of us turned our heads, and the Garchomp did as well, following our gazes: Someone was being dragged down the stairs, someone female, someone crying, screaming "NO, NO, NO, PLEASE NO!!"

The Emboar picked itself up, in a newfound excitement, while the Garchomp just stared with that actor's fury in his eyes returning, for some reason. Then I remembered that the Garchomp couldn't see us under normal circumstances: It was either the Starvation Process, simple assumptions, or something else.

"You have to be the dumbest idiot I've ever seen! I don't care how d**m frustrating it is, it was d**m irreplacable, those compounds are too rare for replacements, you d**m idiot! AND YOU LET IT GO TO SOME GOD**** KID?!" Someone else said, also femeline, but in a controled rage, bursting throug the door.

The female that wasn't panicking was tall, black-haired, looked brutal with cold brown eyes and equally cold black clothes, with the same Shadow Aura about her body, dragging the girl that gave me Scyez down the stairs. The girl looked bloody

I'd deal with Scyez's past later. If possible. For now, all that was left to do was to let the bomb drop: The metal sheet was absent, and the woman noticed.

"Whose in here? COME OUT NOW!" She yelled, her rage briefly letting the girl drop, allowing her to pick herself up. Neither noticed me, as I creeped up slowly, coming in range to knock them both out...

"Please, one more chance! I'm begging you! I'll find him, I couldn't mistake him!" The younger girl pleaded.


With that, both of their heads collided with each other with enough force to knock them both out.

<"You dit, did you know what you JUST did?!"> Duplix angrily telepathed. I whipped my head around, and there was Wes, frozen in the pose where he had slipped around Duplix to press the button.

<"You MORON! The Pokemon were genetically modified! They can EAT YOU WHOLE, and they don't even have to open their mouths!"> I telepathed, screaming at Wes. All hell was breaking loose: The Garchomp container was being released, and although the meeting with Wes and his stolen companion was all and well, no devouring on the latter's part, the whole of the Exio Void had just stormed in, and for some reason, our illusion had faded. Wonderful. We were dead. I braced myself for a brutal onslaught on all sides-


Nine voices total, all working in unison, and that froze everything where it was as though it was suicide to twicth after the ownerless voices spoke.

Then the ownerless voices became owned. By the Herobrine, none the less. Just guessing from the Arbitarian Grab, and the energy emitting from them. They were like wraiths: They wore a massive cloak, and though all nine were humanoids, all nine were floating off the ground, all of their bodies hidden behind their cloaks minus their individual weapons, different for each, and their unblinking, highly creepy red eyes. The Exio Void forces from outside seemed to keep from twitching: These were the beings that nearly destroyed Hyvin-Hul; Tyzzax was there just to watch, and wasn't really expecting Gear to get at him (Well, they thought that much).

"Justice Incarnate...And you two." One of the Herobrine said, pointing a nearly formless, totally black finger directly at me, just inches from my face. They hadn't started killing me yet, so I was cool, calm, collected, though sheer horror was amounting on the faces of the Garchomp, Wes, and Duplix. "No further time must be wasted on your petty tasks. A greater justice must be done. And we will show the way." The single Herobrine said, probably the leader.

Then all was black. We weren't dead; just teleporting in the Herobrine fashion, but there was a second of bleak darkness compared to the usual second of brilliant light. It disoriented me all the same, and I could hardly register where I was, but I knew it wasn't Alto-Mare. The eerie presence that came from the ground itself, the floating rocks around us, the moon's odd brightness; We were in the Nocturnal Lands.

Yay. More suicidal stunts.
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