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((OOC: Phew, okay. Sorry for such a wait. I've had...I've had it really hard this week....))
"Yeah. I'm Elisa Fleming, your ranger for this National park run through the Gardens," She gave a warm smile. Elisa then curtly apologized, "Sorry I'm late. I hope I didn't keep you waiting for too long."

"Nah, it's okay. I was here a little early anyways." I waved my hand dismissively.

"This is Archer," she gestured over to the green, blade-armed Pokemon that only stood about an inch above me. "Huh, that's odd. I always thought Gallade were a bit taller than that." I chuckled in my head, "Guess I've just never seen one before."

Casually smiling, I gave the humanoid Pokemon a slight wave; he nodded back in acknowledgment. He seemed a little tense, as if urging to just get on with this run through the gardens.

"Well," Elisa continued, "Let's get going then. We're burning daylight, so let's head off into the Botanic Gardens."

I nodded in agreement, chuckling faintly. "Alright then. Yeah, it gets dark pretty fast this time of the year."

Pushing open the metal gate with a loud creak, I was led into the area. I had been here before, but the beauty of it all still left me in awe: a vivid grassy field; frequent clusters of both wild flowers and domesticated one alike; some occasional small trees planted here and there, almost forming a path; different species of Pokemon splashing in a small pond up ahead and playing throughout the garden...need I go on much longer? It was just the perfect, ideal view. I remembered having gone to a garden before similar to this one, which, in my honest opinion was absolutely gorgeous; in fact, perhaps said garden was even more beautiful than this one, aesthetically speaking...and it had so much space. But just the frequent sighting of all different types and species of Pokemon living in harmony, well...that just seemed to give the Botanic Gardens' a much more lively, friendly appearance.

And to top it off, the climate was still rather beautiful and temperate around here--perhaps at about 65 degrees Farenheit. Of course, how could I have expected anything less?
"Aww, I knew I shouldn't have brought a jacket." I pouted to myself. "Ah well, I can probably tie it around my waist or something." I did just this as soon as the thought came to mind.

Just then, a rabbit-like Pokemon confronted us. "BUN-NEARY!" It shouted, jubilously bouncing up and down on the soft grass. His appearance was petite, fluffy, and just plain cute: a shining chocolate-colored pelt, rather large eyes, a small pink nose, bundles of cream fluff concealing its body from its waist down...oh, and the ears. Big and fluffy, but anyone in their right mind to piss this little fellow off or upset it severely would feel the wrath of those ears. See, despite appearing cute and cuddly, Buneary had the ability to curl up and forcefully uncoil its large ears--almost like a flick, but apparently ten times more powerful and apparently much more painful--with a stinging sensation that had the ability to make even grown men cringe. This little guy seemed pretty friendly, though, so I didn't feel at all threatened.

Elisa turned toward me. "Would you be interested in battling this entity?"

Usually I wouldn't want such a Pokemon, but...well, this little Buneary would evolve into a great varied fighter. From what I remembered, Lopunny learns some pretty decent moves--and that's just in its learnset--which, even though it's questionable whether he would be good with any competitive battling, he would be great for any future park runs I end up making; on the plus side, Buneary has only one weakness, being a Normal-type.

I nodded. "Sure, I don't see why not. Buneary will end up knowing some pretty decent moves when it evolves, so it'd be great for any other park runs I end up making."

"Let's see..." I thought. "What would be the best Pokemon for me to send out for this little guy? I mean, I want to be able to get some pretty good damage in, but I don't want my Pokemon to knock out the lil' fella. Sakyuu, well...she's pretty high-spirited, and from what I've seen she doesn't usually prefer going all-out with this type of thing. Only problem is, is that she might end up befriending the wild Pokemon instead, and I don't know if that will help much. Camerupt is pretty chill with things, so he would probably hold back, too...but most of his moves are direct-contact attacks, which he really doesn't like to have to do. Gengar is pretty powerful and sneaky, but he tends to like to outdo it. Maybe I'll just send out Flygon."

I had made my decision, despite having taken several seconds; I certainly hoped that this didn't make the Buneary impatient.

"Okay. You want a battle?" I rhetorically asked the Buneary. "Then we'll battle. Sakyuu, I'm sending you out."

I quickly unclipped her Pokeball from the side of my bag, and simply gave the center button a push. It went in with a click and opened widely, releasing a translucent ray which hastily materialized into a Flygon.

"Okay, Sakyuu. We probably need to be a little more careful this time." I started. "Try starting out with a Supersonic in order to disorient Buneary a little bit--make sure to try to get your aim right, because Buneary could probably dodge it pretty easily. And if it's not too much of a hassle, maybe you could try a Sand-Attack afterwards for a double-whammy?"

I quickly gave myself a mental face-palm upon remembering the last incident. Last time, I'm pretty sure that I told her to use Sonicboom at a Bayleef and she ended up blowing away a lot of the foliage. I didn't dare mention it to Sakyuu, because after the incident she felt a little guilty. I told her it was okay though; I mean, after all, it really wasn't her fault or anything.

"Fllyyyygon!" She confirmed in her shrill, almost ragged voice. I had a feeling that she would agree and try her best, acting like it's no big deal; however, I just hoped that this order wasn't too much for the happy-go-lucky dragonfly.

Flygon let off a terrible, high-frequency cry concentrated at the poor Buneary. This move--somehow--had a rather low accuracy, so Sakyuu would really have had to stay alert just in case if Buneary did end up dodging it.
I was jolted slightly by a sudden epiphany. "...Hmm. Maybe Buneary will be more likely to pick up on the sound waves due to its big ears! Ah, of course; I can't believe I didn't even think of that initially."
((OOC: Oh my god, this ended up rather long. O_o ))
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