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Post A Christmas Story.

Christmas Story
One night, before christmas day, there was a boy who would not be named. He sat by the fire, rubbing his hands, keeping them warm, from christmas's hand. He sat up a table, and placed there a cookies, a warm glass of milk and a nicely folded hanky.

He yawned and he coughed, cause of the cold that he'd got, from playing outside and not keeping warm inside. He retreated to bed, but before he did, he got on his knees, and prayed to god saying "God, I thank you for this wonderful christmas, the dinner, the presents, and the family being here. Please make sure santa has something nice for me, Amen." He then walked down there hallway to his room, so it would be christmas very soon...

Not to soon later, the boy heard a noise, a creak from there wood floor, which caught him by surprise. He got out of bed, and opened his door, and peaked outside and what he saw, he couldn't ignore. A big jolly man, saying "ho ho ho" and laughing, while eating and drinking, and placing his presents. The boy quietly crept down the hallway, taking long steps to make sure the wood wouldn't creak. He got in the frontroom, very close to the man, when he took that last step, he stepped in a pan. The pan yelled a loud noise, and the man looked behind, and smiled at the boy "Why its Johnny, What a surprise!" he laughed and helped the kid out of the pan, and sat the boy down on the sofa in the den. "I read your list." The aged man said, he looked and the boy, and smiled a big grin. "A job for my dad, some clothes for my mommy, an airplane for my, and toys for my doggie" He looked it over twice, set it down on the table, he picked up his sack and fumbled around in it, saying "Thats not it" or "Is that it?" then saying "Nope." until he said "Here they are" he said and pulled out a piece of paper, he handed it to the boy "tell your dad to give this to his old boss, he will recieve his job back and a substantial raise." he fumbled again and pulled out some rubber bones and dog treats, "For your dog", he then pulled out some clothes "For your mother, and now.. For you..." he said, he fumbled through it for a minute, then pulled out a wooden box, he gave it to the boy and said "Open it", "what is it?" johnny said, "You'll see." santa said motioning him to open it, the boy slowly opened the box. Inside was a wooden plane, crafted greatly with care, tons of realistic designs, a cockpit, woodencontrols, the works.. The boy looked back up to say thank you, but santa was gone.