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You were forced through a time space portal. Now, you are in medieval times but, with mythical creatures like Gargoyles and Unicorns. You have been tasked with taking care of a baby (mythical creature) and fighting an evil team. This evil team has come to take you, turn you into a mythical creature like you little friend, to take control of you and your friend. On top of that, you existence will be fading soon. Can you escape before you alter time, or will you be stuck there forever, to become a mythical Creature?

No GModding
No Limelighting
Follow ALL Pokemon Elite 2000 Forum rules
Keep violence to a minimum
Keep romance to a minimum
Ask before you make a form for another character
Any small plot twists? PM me about it
It's first come, first serve so, if you have the last spot saved and someone got a form in, well, you could not get your form in
Put BANSHEE in your form if you have read all of this

Forms (I say forms for a reason both are needed):
Name - The name of a character.
Age - The age of a character.
Gender - The gender of a character (Male or Female, usually).
Description – (2+ lines)
Personality – (2+ Lines)
Weapon - Any arms that a character might have, from swords to guns.

Name - The name of your creature.
Age - The age of your creature.
Gender - The gender of your creature (Male or Female).
Species – (Look it up first)
Description – (1+ Lines)
Personality – (1+ Lines)

My forms will be up if this gets interest. And, there will be 4 or 5 spots open EXCLUDING mine.

Other info:
If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me. I might have the answer that you needed.

Accepted Characters:
Me x2

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