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Default The Thing With Red Eyes (Fixed and READY)

GT and Gothita strolled along the trail. They were walking through a beautiful forest. Many Pokemon cries seemed to call out to them, as if they were saying, "Hello!".

They were obviously looking for a good first-Pokemon catch.

Gothita hopped down from GT's shoulder, and suddenly darted into the bushes.

GT was puzzled. "Huh?" She thought to herself. Then she felt like she was being watched.

"Gothi...Gothita..." whispered her Pokemon, now peeking out the bushes.

Gothita's hand shook as she pointed behind GT. GT slowly turned around, and looked up.

There they were. Two big, beady red eyes looking down at her.

It scared GT out of her wits. She got so scared, so paralyzed, yet so excited, she ran into the bushes with her pokemon.

She did it at the very right moment, though. A figure shot out of the trees just as she hurled herself into the bushes.

She hid there for a while. Then she realized what the figure was:

A Wurmple.

But how in the world could a Wurmple have red eyes? she thought.

It seemed as if her question was answered.

Two more pairs of red eyes gleamed in the darkness.

Then, two other Pokemon floated in. A Banette and a Misdreavus.

The Red-Eyed Wurple glared at them, then staggered over in a strange fashion. They seemed to have a chat together, the three of them.

Then it hit her.

GT suddenly realized what the Ghost-type Pokemon were doing to the poor Wurmple.

They had hypnotized it.

All of GT's nerves were shot. Finally, she looked down at her Pokemon, Gothita.

The look in GT's eyes told Gothita just what they were gonna do.

They both sprang out of the bushes. Alarmed, Pansage, Banette and Misdreavus whipped around.

They both launched and shot Shadow Balls at them.

Gothita and GT were fast, though.

Once out of the Shadow Ball shower, GT made her move.

"Gothita, use Confusion!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. She shut her eyes tight, and a loud, screeching sound along with a rainbow of a Confusion attack, filled her eardrums.


Banette and Misdreavus were flung forwards.

Instantly, GT sprang upwards and scooped up the dizzy Pansage in her arms.

"WUR! Wurple wur...wur..." Said theWurmple. Then its eyes grew heavy and he lulled off to sleep.

"Now, Gothita, Pound!" She whispered to Gothita. She went to launch her Pound, but it had no affect on the Ghost-types.

Alarmed, she realized the only attack to use was Confusion.

"Confusion, again!" She called to her Pokemon. The confusion was much more powerful this time, and Banette and Misdreavus were knocked out.

GT and Gothita then rushed Wurmple to the nearest Pokemon Center.


Now, Wurmple was all healed, and GT got an idea. She set out the Wurmple in the middle of the floor. She said, "Go, Pokeball!" and threw her Pokeball at Wurmple.

But to GT and Gothita, it didn't matter if they caught Wurmple. It only mattered they had a new friendship with him.

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