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Default Re: Temporal Diamond vs Sabi

Saraibre Ryu
[Vudu] Claydol (O) l [Artex] Archeops (M)
Ability: Levitate l Ability: Defeatist
Health: 70% l Health: 100%
Energy: 86% l Energy: 86%
Status: Pleased. l Status: Getting some confidence, you jackwagon.
Rock Polish ~ Bulldoze/Rock Slide l Substitute @ 20% ~ Smack Down @Chandelite/Hone Claws

Temporal Diamond
[Volk] Galvantula (M) l [Chandelite] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Compoundeyes l Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 76% l Health: 78%
Energy: 92% l Energy: 90%
Status: Seething with rage. l Status: Ah, that went ok.
Thunderbolt @Artex ~ Bug Buzz @ Vudu l Phase Shift ~ Shadow Ball @Claydol

Round Two

Artex took a deep breath and lifted his claws, forming a little ball of pure white life energy in front of him. He began to form this ball like clay, changing it into a life-sized copy of himself. The whiteness faded, replaced by dingier versions of his own feathers' vivid colors. The copy looked strangely alive, built by Artex's own life force and ready to defend said life.
[Substitute: Artex, -20% HP; -7% Energy]

Volk was annoyed but not put off. He began to rub his claws together, channeling the buildup of static into them until the limbs began to glow and crackle. He then lifted his claws, releasing the energy in a burst like a miniature lightning-bolt that hurtled straight toward Artex. However, Artex's double was more than ready. It hovered directly into the lightning, blocking the attack with its body. The clone seemed to crack and hiss, until it shattered under the force of the electricity.
[Thunderbolt: Artex-sub, -22% HP; Volk, -8% Energy]

Meanwhile, Chandelite decided that it would be the best idea for him to be completely invulnerable to all brute-force attacks, just like a proper ghost. His body shimmered and began to become semi-transparent, his flames the only things that kept complete clarity. He was ethereal, untouchable - a true specter.
[Phase Shift: Chandelite, -6% Energy]

Vudu was prepared to take self-boosting measures as well. She began to focus her energy inward, until her whole body began to glow a pure, dazzling white. All the dust and chips that marred her body slightly were removed, until she was smooth as silk. The glow faded and Vudu rotated her hands experimentally, loving the way she felt as fast as a Rapidash.
[Rock Polish: Vudu, -3% Energy; +2 SPD]

Artex looked at Chandelite with narrowed eyes, pretty sure that becoming intangible counted as self-protection. He began to scrape his claws together, sharpening the edges, making them keen to slash and cut his opponents and to strike them in the right places. His claws, as if to demonstrate their new power, flickered briefly with a red glow.
[Hone Claws: Artex, -4% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 ACC]

Vudu switched tack as she watched her partner avoid a direct assault. She lifted her arms, calling on the power of stone. Hundreds of tiny dots formed above her hands, merging with each other and becoming glowing rocks. She threw the rocks across the field. They passed straight through Chandelite, but Volk felt the full force of the blow. He chittered and hissed angrily, feeling bruised and battered by the rocks.
[Rock Slide: Vudu, -10% Energy; Volk, -13% HP]

Volk glared at the voodoo doll with loathing. He opened his jaws and emitted a shrill, piercing scream that came forward in the form of red arcs of light. The waves passed through Vudu, hurting her head tremendously and filling her mind with pain. Too much noise, and too high-pitched.
[Bug Buzz: Vudu, -13% HP; Volk, -8% Energy]

Chandelite's flames began to grow yet again. Spheres of purple fire formed above the wicks of his candles, before they flew out in a burst of violet light. A sphere of purple flame formed, flying at Vudu and striking her with a burst of dark energy. The Claydol warbled in anger as the attack hit.
[Shadow Ball: Vudu, -15% HP; Chandelite, -5% Energy]

Saraibre Ryu
[Vudu] Claydol (O) l [Artex] Archeops (M)
Ability: Levitate l Ability: Defeatist
Health: 42% l Health: 80%
Energy: 73% l Energy: 75%
Status: Feeling like a target. [+2 SPD] l Status: Ready to rumble. [+1 ATK, +1 ACC]

Temporal Diamond
[Volk] Galvantula (M) l [Chandelite] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Compoundeyes l Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 64% l Health: 78%
Energy: 72% l Energy: 79%
Status: Cheered up by his foes' distress. l Status: Pretty happy.

Ref Notes
Thunderbolt's Crit roll was 72; 1-6.25 for Crit.
I believe that becoming intangible counts as an attempt to sidestep an attack?
Rock Slide's Accuracy Roll was 44; 1-90 for hit.
Rock Slide's Crit Roll was 18; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Rock Slide's Effect Roll was 19; 1-10 for Flinch.
Bug Buzz's Crit Roll was 79; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Bug Buzz's Effect Roll was 26; 1-10 for -1 SATK.
Shadow Ball's Crit Roll was 24; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Shadow Ball's Effect Roll was 54; 1-20 for -1 SDEF.

Temporal Diamond, your moves please.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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