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Default Re: The Bishies Thread

Oh sweet, we got a fresh slate of Bishies! And we get 10? Count me in ;3

Since you put the characters in by name, not animé/animé-like game, I did the same. Hope it's how you wanted ^^

★ Axel - Kingdom Hearts (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Black Gatomon - Digimon (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Demyx - Kingdom Hearts (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Glaceon - Pokémon (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Malon - Zelda (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Platinum - Pokémon Adventures/Special (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Saki Hanajima - Fruits Basket (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Yuki Nagato - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Zexion - Kingdom Hearts (Eternal Moonlight)

I'll go with nine for now, if that's alright!

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