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Default Re: Gmandiddy vs. Mangetic Zero


[Mr. Blade] Gallade (M)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready to bring the house down.
Swords Dance ~ Pyscho Cut

Magnetic Zero

[-] Gloom (M)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Health: 90%
Energy: 72%
Status: Hiding in the forest.
Sludge Bomb/Swords Dance ~ Venoshock/Round/Swords Dance

Round Six

Thunder crackled overhead. The humid, dusky forest grew even darker than before as clouds covered the sun. Thick, heavy droplets of water began to fall down on the combatants.
[Sky: Rain; Rolled 13; 1-25 for Rain]

Mr. Blade began to move about, flexing his muscles and swiping his swords at a legion of imaginary enemies. He became energy in motion, turning and twisting in a speedy, graceful dance of strength and power. His bladed arms began to glow slightly, shimmering and sharp with a blood-red energy. He stopped, feeling more powerful than ever.
[Swords Dance: Mr. Blade, -3% Energy, +2 ATK]

Meanwhile, Gloom's bulby, plantlike head-ornament was shaking and glowing, coughing up purplish-black spores that looked downright evil. A glob of poison shot from his flower, landing on Mr. Blade's chest and exploding, splattering him with darkly-colored, toxic sludge. Mr. Blade gagged at the smell and the feeling of the toxins slithering into his veins. Luckily for him, the rain washed most of it off, but the damage was done. Mr. Blade could already feel fever and nausea setting in.
[Sludge Bomb: Mr. Blade, -9% HP; Gloom, -9% Energy]

Mr. Blade was not about to be put down that easily, however. His arm-blades began to glow with a blue energy that rippled like the reflection of waves against the sand below it. He rushed forward, feeling his muscles tense in preparation, and then leaped, slicing down straight at Gloom like some avenging angel with a couple of big fragging swords. Gloom bellowed with pain, two fresh red cuts stinging across his face.
[Psycho Cut: Mr. Blade, -4% Energy; Gloom, -24% HP]

Gloom blinked repeatedly, trying to get past the pain. Fluid, toxic fluid, began to build in his bulb once more. He shot this liquid at Mr. Blade, who became drenched in the sticky clear substance. It stung and burned - like he was taking a shower, washing with soap made from poison ivy butter and stinging nettle extract. Somehow this poison seemed to be magnifying its potency off the poison already in Mr. Blade's veins. He grunted in annoyance, waiting for the rain to wash his body.
[Venoshock: Mr. Blade, -7% HP; Gloom, -6% Energy]


[Mr. Blade] Gallade (M)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 84%
Energy: 97%
Status: Gonna need to shower for a month to get all the poisons off. [+2 ATK; PSN]

Magnetic Zero

[-] Gloom (M)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Health: 66%
Energy: 57%
Status: My poor, beautiful face!

Ref Notes
Sludge Bomb's Crit Roll was 25; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Sludge Bomb's Effect Roll was 10; 1-30 for PSN.
Psycho Cut's Crit Roll was 49; 1-12.5 for Crit.
Venoshock's Crit Roll was 92; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Rain ends at the end of next round.

gmandiddy, your moves please.
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