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Default Re: MoonKit vs. 3m0d0ll. <33

I had reffed in some odd places - heck, once I had watched a Tyranitar and a Girafarig duke it out in space - but I had to admit that I'd never reffed underwater. I must say that it was pretty sweet.

We were all in Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus gear - the humans, that is. The Pokemon - a sleek-coated Vaporeon and a slightly neon-flavored Dewott - were unprotected, using only the good lungs and swimming equipment that they had been born with. There was a long, glass platform in between the two Pokemon, for them to stand on. I could see shapes in the distance of other marine life: Sharpedos, Carvanas, etc.

The Vaporeon and Dewott eyed each other warily. This looked like it was going to be a darn good match.


[Gluttony] Vaporeon (M)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Feeling right at home.
Swagger ~ Aqua Ring


[AoiAki] Dewott* (M)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Not liking the looks of those distant sea-creatures.
Focus Energy ~ Razor Shell

Round One

Gluttony swam onto the platform, standing there so that she could get a good look at his otter-esque opponent. AoiAki narrowed his eyes at him menacingly, but Gluttony didn't care. He began to prance in slow-mo on the platform, showing off the strength in his muscles, showing AoiAki how great he was. The Dewott let out a howl of anger that came out as a stream of bubbles. How dare Gluttony think he was the best? AoiAki was ready to show his opponent what for.
[Swagger: Gluttony, -5% Energy; AoiAki, +2 ATK]

Before he got to the hurting, however, AoiAki had to prepare himself for his attack. He closed his eyes, trying to focus all of the energy in his body so that he was prepared to strike. His body began to glow with a faint red light, and he flexed his muscles, already feeling the energy in his blood churning and swirling. He smiled, ready to attack.
[Focus Energy: AoiAki, -3% Energy]

Gluttony was less than impressed. Between his own strength and the protection he was about to gain, he would be perfectly fine as long as he was smart. He closed his eyes, directing the currents of water to flow around him and into him. Rings of glowing green water whirled and swirled around him, providing healing energy and cooling wetness for his body. The light faded from the rings, although the current remained.
[Aqua Ring: Gluttony, -6% Energy]

AoiAki took a step forward to attack - and then stopped. What was he supposed to do? He wasn't aware that his anger before had completely scrambled his thoughts - he was only aware that he couldn't remember his orders. Snarling with frustration, he began to slap himself across the face, hard enough to leave marks. Gluttony stood by on the other side of the field, laughing at her helpless opponent.
[CFS: AoiAki, -7% HP]


[Gluttony] Vaporeon (M)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 100%
Energy: 89%
Status: Showing everyone how to laugh underwater. [Aqua Ring]


[AoiAki] Dewott* (M)
Health: 93%
Energy: 91%
Status: Miffed. [+2 ATK, CFS, Focus Energy]

Ref Notes
Swagger's Accuracy Roll was 75; 1-90 for hit.
AoiAki's CFS Roll was 21; 1-50 to move.
AoiAki's CFS Roll was 78; 1-75 to move.
Me and my stepmom once spent like a week randomly shouting 'self-containted underwater breathing apparatus' at each other across the house. So much fun.
Also, the battle I was referencing was between Lord Fedora (Khajmer) and -Pichu Boy-. FYI.

Jen, your moves please.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D