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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Master, Light
Everlastia, Mess Hall

Four weeks.

Four weeks since Freya had received a Seeker mission. Four weeks and two days, more precisely. She had sat around for all this time doing nothing.

Freya didn't like it.

It wouldn't have bothered her if she had been selected for other missions. It would have meant she was being trusted with higher responsibilities. But there had been absolutely no missions, or tasks, or even being told of when her next mission might possibly be. She had just stayed in Everlastia. Some masters might have been fine with other masters. Not Freya. The dragonkin had to keep moving and burn off excess energy. Otherwise, it came out in frustration. She had started getting more and more irritable.

...More than usual, anyway.

She drummed her fingers against the table. She had finished her meal and was now just waiting for the meeting she had been called to (along with all the other Masters). Freya was not good at waiting.

Cail Atean
Recruit, Undecided
Mess Hall

The Mess Hall was always hard.

Cail normally just avoided places that were difficult to navigate, but the Mess Hall had, well, food, which was unfortunately necessary for life. So he had to go.

The layout of the Mess Hall wasn't that tricky- it was just a large, rectangular room with some tables and chairs (he occasionally bumped into those, but it wasn't usually a problem). It was the people. This was, of course, true in most places, but in the classrooms, people knew to get out of the way, or they knew that if they tripped him they would get him in trouble. But here, people didn't always know him, or didn't see him. He almost always ran into someone. Usually, if he walked down the center of the room while keeping a hand on the tables, he could avoid running into too many people. Or at least walk in a straight line. He was almost there(He could tell by mentally counting the number of tables he had gone by). Almost...


Cail cursed silently, barely managing to keep his balance by bracing his hand against the table. "Sorry," he muttered to whoever he had run into, instinctively looking down at the floor. Don't look at me. Don't ask questions. Just move to the side and let me by.

(Anyone in the Mess Hall who doesn't mind being run into can say Cail ran into them. :3)

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