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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Kian Locke
Light, Ex-Apprentice
Mess Hall

Kian had glanced up in both shock and embarrassment when the line started to cheer for his act. He hadn't expected this type of reaction to his fairly innocent act in which he stopped the bully from attacking the female. He blushed brightly - this was new for him.

"I didn't ask for help." Kian stopped blushing at this instance - had he heard someone speak to him? He turned to find a girl, the same one he had 'rescued' from a fist, glaring at him. "I could have taken him myself, I would have preferred it, actually." Kian's heart sank - he had never been spoken to so unkindly in his life - especially after helping someone! However, as quickly as his mood had dropped, it rose back up again in anger. Had she not turned away from him, Kian would have gladly informed her on how he thought of her reaction to the situation with the bully. Not knowing how to socialise very well, Kian would have told her 'how it was' rather than holding back like others. Violence is never the answer to violence, he thought to himself, calming himself down by telling himself that he had done the right thing.

The line had started to move again, and, being behind the group in which the winged-female was a part of, Kian was one of the first to enter the cafeteria after a long wait. It was a rather large, but filled, room - situating a vast amount of tables, chairs and food. However, after the situation beforehand, Kian's appetite had faded away - yet he did not have the will to walk all the way back to his room. Instead, he buried himself back inside his book and had started walking, only to be crashed into by a small boy with dirty blonde hair.

"Oompf!" were the words that escaped Kian's mouth as he fell to the ground - as did his spell-book. He sat there, on the ground, allowing his mind to clear itself, so that his balance was not affected in any way when he was to stand up.

"Sorry..." the boy muttered, looking away from Kian. He looked like he wasn't one to talk much - a thing the two of them had in common. The only thing stopping himself from questioning the young boy was the fact that he had no idea of how to socialise. Kian sighed at his weakness.

"My apologies," Kian muttered back, keeping his eyes from away the child in case it made him feel uncomfortable. "I should have watched where I was going, rather than reading." Kian reached across the ground and picked up his book. Standing up, he brushed himself off and made on his way, saying "Good day" as he passed the child. He went off in search of an empty table.

The Spark
Spell cast by Kian Locke
Healer's Wing

The one downfall to the spell was that Kian had 'accidentally' infused feelings into the Spark. This, therefore, made it vulnerable to become... infatuated with other forms of light. The "Elemental", that Dr. Caesura had summoned, had become an unfortunate target of the Spark's. It was greatly tempted to reach out from its hiding spot within the light towards the two bright orbs. In its perspective - they were truly beautiful. However, its master's orders were to come first.

However, if the Elemental were to stay any longer, the Spark would soon succumb to its desires, inevitably bringing its mission to a fail.

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