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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ailith Lior, Kokoro Maimi, and Kumori
Light, Apprentices
Everlastia, Mess Hall

Both of the girls' eyes rested on Rush while Kumori cast quick glances at him from time to time before burying his face in Kokoro's shoulder again, seeming to be painfully aware that he could be in serious trouble if this went badly. They all seemed to notice the hesitation, the war going on within the other boy, but rather than Ailith speaking, Kokoro spoke up as they passed through the door and into the mess hall. She had paled once more as Rush had given his 'answer,' a shaky "I dunno."

"His heart is...divided, in a way. When he was little, something happened to his homeworld, something bad, and it hurt him a lot. This is the result, but it's not his fault...please, don't blame him." She said only spoke loudly enough for those close to them to hear, and Kumori raised his head from Kokoro's shoulder again, his own expression conflicted.

"I..." His voice drifted as he started almost violently when the ribbon user (with his nose still in his book) collided with another student who was walking and looking pretty fixedly at his shoes, as though the collision of other people had scared him halfway to death. Ailith shook her head at the collision and reached out a comfortingly to pat Kumori's nearest arm.

"Idiots. Both of them." Ailith hissed. "Half the Guild's hero at the moment and he lets himself get plowed over by some kid who pays more attention to his feet than the area in front of him while he has his face shoved in a book... It's okay, Kumori, what were you going to say?" Her voice had definitely taken a softer tone as she spoke to Kumori, who bit his lip in thought before looking to Rush.

"That... I don't mean for it to happen--I don't want it to happen, but sometimes... Sometimes it's just too strong for me to fight back, no matter how hard I try..." His eyes slowly drifted from focusing on Rush--he couldn't take being looked at like he was a monster, didn't like to see fear in people's faces when they looked at him. After all, he had more of a reason to be afraid of himself than anyone else did, except maybe Kokoro.

She was the one his crazed side hated most because she was the only thing keeping him sane.

She was the only thing keeping him in control. For that, it wanted her dead most of all. Of course, that was also the biggest reason he was terrified of himself and what his crazed side could do.

Seeming to sense his inner conflict and how upset he was, Kokoro turned and smiled at him reassuringly in spite the fact she felt uneasy herself. She didn't know what to do to try and improve the situation any more if Rush couldn't understand. They continued to drift down the line, tensely awaiting an answer or some kind of response.

OOC: So much for having Cail run into Kumori, but hey, he ended up actually speaking for himself to someone other than Kokoro or Ailith! XD No pressure or anything, Rush!

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