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Default [AI][RP]Perfectworld Phase One[Suspended]

As you might have seen in the SUDS, this RP is suspended. Post in the SUDS if you want to put in your two cents, but I WILL bring it back. I promise. It was fun while it lasted, so(for now) This is your PwPo host, Max, signing off for the last time in a while. Thanks for making it so fun, guys!

(Credit to Charmander009)
[The SUDS. Ha.]


"Sometimes I really wonder if I should've killed him. Was he really better at this than me? I guess he wouldn't have let Vael summon all these...things."

Day 1-New Hope?


Sara Aurion

Sara stood overlooking the whole Soar base. It was magnificent, most of the buildings a pure white. The people of World 8 never really made the jump to fossil fuel, and all traveling was on foot. Sara had been to other worlds, but she shuddered slightly as she brought up those memories. She looked down on them; her peons. They didn't feel like any of the sort, humans, pokemon, pokemorphs; they're all their own. They'd declined in the past few years, losing power, and the threat of an invasion by The System held most of the members of Soar in fear.

The thought of today snapped her back to the present. She solemly picked up her greatsword, pulling out of the ground. The caretakers hated the cuts and holes in her floor, but she liked it like that. Looking at the smooth wide metal blade provided a look of her face. Long, silver hair waved down her neck and down her back a few inches. It was straight, a trait she never really cared for. Her eyes stared back at her own as if they weren't her own, as she slowly sheathed the sword on her back. 'This blade might see blood for the first time in a long time today...' Sara remembered again what she had to do now.

Pushing open the doors of her bedroom, she stepped down the hallway at a slow pace. She sensed it, this was going to be the last peaceful moment for a long time.


"Miss Aurion, what are you doing outside?" The short stubby man stared questioningly at Sara, her anwser less pleasant than he'd hoped.

"I'm going to monitor the process manually. Is that a problem? I could get you fired for your idiocy." Sara told him sternly, almost reaching for the shortsword at her waist.

"Y-yes ma'am." he said, almost dashing out of Sara's way as she walked through the huge ornate doors and outside. The air was brisk, but felt cold as she sprinted out of the base and out to where the subjects would assemble. She at least hoped someone had a fight to put up.


The System


"Now what do you require?"

"Not so much as require, but a notification of sorts.

"Go on."

"Soar has hacked into the Database and..."


"They selected random entities and transported them to World 8."

"I don't see what the problem is. It'll only end in failure."

"Y-yes sir."



"Grah-hahaha! This is perfect We might even gain some more recruits! At the very least, our blades will tase blood! Hahaha!"

"Calm youself, Athor. We'll attempt to recruit them, yes. But do you think they won't be guarded? I swear, sometimes..."

"Shut up you two. You're both wrong, I have a better plan..."


Freelance Characters
Endless Forest

The name popped into his mind. Raio, he felt as if it were his. Next, he started to hear birds, quietly chirping amongst the space. He tried to move a hand. It scratched roughly against long, thin blades of grass, leaving his hands wet with morning dew. He tried to lift himself off of the ground, but he found he didn’t have the strength to hold his own weight. Trying to force his heavy eyelids up, he looked around slowly, everything was so new. There was some sort of huge plants looming above him, blocking all of the sunlight except for small patches scattered around the grass. Leaves blew away, opening up a hole in the leaf barrier, the sun’s rays hitting his eyes painfully. He felt a silent power push through him, his senses sharpening, the ringing in his head fading quickly. Raio slowly stood up, his bare feet feeling the grass between his toes.

He noticed an object stuck to his back, and pulled the weapon off of him. Raio knew it was a spear. It was a bright red, the light reflecting and making it even brighter. The metal pole felt light in his hands, and the spear's triangle-shaped blade seemed familiar.

Suddenly and without a single sound, he flung the blade towards a nearby tree, cutting a large gash in the bark. He hit again, making a cross in the wood. More gashes joined them, the bark cut up and leaking sap. The weapon was trying to tell him something, something to do. Raio’s arm moved on its own, lunging downwards at the already cut-up tree, the blade…glowing? The attack cut the tree straight down the middle, causing the two sides to fall to the ground with a loud crash. It felt so right, so…in sync.

Satisfied, Raio walked off to the village that seemed to just have appeared…
Endless Forest

Zwelit had always been an outcast. Disgraced, friendless, hated,

All because of his past. That, and what he was.

“Maybe this world will be better. Although I’ve said that before.” Zwelit stood tall in the clearing, the sun refracting off of his brown fur, the ears on the top of his head alert to the sounds of the birds.

‘I’m just a pokemorph with no memory, an eevee with no past’ Zwelit told himself, almost whispering the words. Noticing a blue object in the distance, he walked towards it.

Coming to another clearing, he found the blade impaled in the ground in front of him. Was it...calling for him? It felt like the blade was telling him to draw it, commanding him. It looked flimsy, but strong. The blade was long and thin, the handle a light blue.

A rapier. He noticed the handiwork also, but grabbed the blade by the time he thought to stop.

It felt almost heavy in his hands, despite its slim blade. He also noticed a sheath on his belt now, one that wasn’t there before. Cautiously sheathing the blade, he walked off deeper into the woods…

Endless Forest

Raine sat silently against the rough bark of the lone tree in the area, looking at the forest before her. She had always loved forests. Her red ears twitched, feeling someone-no, something in the distance. Standing up silently, she shook her head slowly.

”They were stupid to do this. It’s already foretold that most, if not all of them are going to die.” She sighed silently, catching a moment to breathe in the warm air. ”I hate my job.”

“The time has come, the time…”

“…the time…for my freedom…”

“…for my hope…”

“…for me…”



Notes: Hope everyone enjoyed the post! I have way too many characters xD I see me having posts that need two posts. Sooo, it begins!

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