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Default Re: Really Blizzard?

I agree with Shadow Tracker on this one, the punishment should have been equal to both parties. But if the botter is a legitimate botter, you should find some way of reporting them or find a friend that could report them.

I can understand Blizzard being uptight about language. But I can personally think of a million and one other things that are ten times worse. I myself are one of those d-bags that push buttons and work the system on other sites. Not here though, I like this place too much.

There's a giant grab bag of players on WOW and I'm almost 100% sure Blizzard doesn't want the public image of being a joint where angsty teens or college students that talk like drunk sailors hang out. It lowers the possibility of a younger audience and hurts sales in the long run. What probably really concerns Blizzard, is what's the best for business?

But I'm surprised you got reported so quickly.

...I hate bots...
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