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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Anna Atoli
Endless Forest

She stared ahead blankly at the light that fell in slanted rectangles across the room’s floor. A thousand thoughts buzzed though her head, and she could focus on none. Memories bombarded her in rapid flashes, expensive dresses, high-pitched voices that hurt her ears, a warm voice calling for her attention, other voices teasing her, even more demanding nothing short of perfection from her, running down hallways, dashing through rooms, running down more hallways, running, running, always running, and then… This room. She had found this room, completely empty. And then she was dancing rather than running…and then suddenly she was falling. She could dance no longer, and so her sanctuary vanished.

“…I just wish I had listened to you.” And then she sat down and did not get up. She hadn’t ever since, and here she was now, still sitting.

Anna Atoli sat bolt upright with a gasp, hand flying to her chest. She had been sleeping? That must have meant she had been dreaming about… What was it again? She had no idea, she didn't remember, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of loss and being crushed at the same time, yet it wasn’t the loss that was crushing her and she remembered the sight of slanted blocks of light falling across a white tiled floor. That room certainly wasn’t where she was now, she noted calmly as she looked around her to find herself surrounded by green. The grass beneath her was green as could be, and most of it around her looked as though it was fairly untouched. “How…did I wind up here?” The words were soft and curious, spoken in a voice that seemed to say it was fairly unused. Anna didn’t know why she asked the question, there was no one around and she didn’t know the answer herself. She was also surrounded by trees, lots of tall trees.

It was no place she recognized.

Of course, trying to think back to any place she remembered was impossible, as though there was a wall blocking off everything but her name and age and the feelings mixed with that single image of slanted squares of light falling across a white tiled floor. With no other options, Anna stood and began to walk.

As she did, it became glaringly apparent to her that no matter what she didn’t remember, Anna was used to having another with her. She kept looking over her shoulder, as though she was expecting to see someone there, and she felt…odd. Anna almost thought maybe calling it feeling incomplete would be the appropriate phrase, but then again, maybe not… It was this feeling that she concentrated on as she walked through the forest, which she was now beginning to wonder whether or not it was actually endless. There was no way for her to confirm this, however, and she had no other option, so Anna kept walking. It was during this time that she seemed to realize that with no real memory, she had no idea who she was. Who am I, then? She asked herself absently as she continued on, and suddenly she found passed a puddle of water. Looking down into it, she saw a pale face framed by wild, wavy blonde hair that had a pink bow hanging halfway down it as though it had fallen and she hadn’t bothered to fix it, and large, yet emotionless blue-green(but mostly green) eyes. I am the one that was crushed. My name is Anna. Anna Atoli. Somewhere in her conscience her question was answered, but she did not stop, she kept going and accepted it as fact.

It was when she saw the village that Anna wondered if maybe this was the dream, or if the village was an illusion, but it was a break in the dense trees as well as something new, she might as well give it a shot.

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen
Endless Forest

They stare at her in surprise for a moment, sadness is all over her mother’s face while the others in red and black just look at her in shock. “She looks like you, boss.” One says finally, still staring at her and she notices her mother flinch. A man turns from her mother to her, she’s a lot like her mother, but she realizes she’s more like him as blue eyes so similar to her own pin her to the floor before he jerks his gaze away from her and—

“Your father couldn’t come with us.” Mom always said—

“Take both of them, and keep them apart.” He says sharply, is that pain in his voice? Her mother kicks and screams and curses at him as they drag her away, and as they get her to the door she throws the big punch—

“You’re going to condemn me, fine, but your daughter?!?!” And the world stops once again—

The man that she so closely resembles turns away from looking at her mother to those dragging her out the house. “MOVE IT!” He shouts before grabbing roughly by the arm and yanking her after them. She’s afraid—

“Mom…” She whimpers, all she wants is—

“MOM!” The single word flew from her lips as she jerked into awareness. With as fast as her head became clear and she found herself on her feet, it was obvious she was fairly used to waking in such a manner. Bicolored eyes, one a vibrant red and the other a pale blue surveyed the scene around her—not that there was much of one. Just trees, lots and lots of trees. “How did I…?” She reached up to tug on the tips of several perfectly gelled and blue-tipped blonde spikes, tilting her head slightly to the side in thought. Wasn’t I just…? Where? She couldn’t remember where she had been before this. She remembered the dream, but she knew that was from her younger years if it really was more than a dream—which something told her it was. In any case, it wasn’t really helping her to site there and ponder about the whole ordeal. “No place to go but forward…” She sighed heavily before walking, just as she had said, forward. As she walked, another thought struck her. My name…? What is it? Sure, she couldn't remember anything, really, but her lack of a name bothered her most of all.

Even as the question posed itself to her, she stepped out in a clearing and into the light. She cringed at the sudden brightness, but looked up anyway, into bright, breathtaking blue. “Sorrow, it’s called Sorrow, little Sky of mine...” She blinked as the voice that she knew was not hers filled her head. Whose voice was it if it wasn’t hers? She wondered, for a moment before it hit her.

Skylar Boschtallen. Sky, that’s my name…
And then she moved out of the clearing, suddenly seeing a village in the distance. “Finally, it seems there is life around here!” Sky muttered, picking up her speed.

Endless Forest

He fidgeted, glancing all around him, wasn’t there supposed to be someone with him? Wasn’t he supposed to protect her? Had he failed?

He didn’t know. He didn’t know anything really, except for his name. Shenz. Couldn’t get much weirder than that, but a name was a name; who was he to complain? All he could really do right now was worry about that feeling he had that there was supposed to be someone with him and the overpowering idea that this person (she?) might be in danger, lots of danger. Or in pain, lots and lots of pain. The ideas tore at him as he lay on the grass, staring up at the big blue sky peeking out between spaces in the leaves above him until he finally shoved himself up. “Have to find her, have to make sure she’s okay…” He mumbled as he began to move forward, walking at first, then jogging until he finally burst into a full-blown run through the forest. In the moment he took to stop and catch his breath briefly, he looked to the side for a moment and then looked forward again.

Had that been there before?

Shenz was sure it hadn’t been, he would have seen it earlier, right? Maybe not. He didn’t really care, because he still had to find her, had to make sure she was safe. Where there were others, maybe she would be as well. With that thought, Shenz took off running again, towards the village, hoping with all his heart that this someone he was looking for was both there and unharmed.

Hook (Because it was never clarified whether or not pokemon needed their own intros...)
Endless Forest

The large, dark creature sniffed the air. There was no scent of another in the air, and yet... What had he been expecting? He didn't exactly know, other than the fact he was almost positive he was used to being with someone. Someone who needed him and cared for him.

But there was no scent of this person, no other scent of anything at all, really. That thought bothered the Krookodile. If he was supposed to be with someone and he wasn't...what did that mean? With no other option, he began to walk. Maybe if he walked, he would remember, or find someone else, he thought.

Then he saw the village in the distance. Wondering if there might be someone there who could help him, or maybe even find that person he was supposed to be with, the Krookodile began to wander towards the village slowly, but surely.

OOC: Wow, I love how these progressively got shorter and shorter...NOT. Anyway, just to clarify, with Anna, was having a bit of a dream before she woke up, and though it's based on her memories, she remembers nothing about it aside from the image of the room. Meanwhile Sky is in a very similar boat, except she does remember her dream because to put it simply, her past isn't something she could ever forget completely(even if she doesn't think it's her past), she's had a very rough life and there are just certain memories that are etched into her, though at this point she'll be more likely to think she's dreaming/going nutty, like with the quote, however, she probably won't actually remember much beyond her nightmares and that quote.

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