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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

OOC: Sorry for the delay - it's been a hectic week. Well when stuff like that happens (like we're not sure if the plan's going to work), we usually do something like, "My plan was like this: First, she would blah blah blah (describing the combo here)." Or something of that sort.

Ranger Elisa Fleming


Subayai decided that since the Buneary's defenses were now up, she could order her partner to attack with a Physical assault. It was less risky than using a Special move in this case - after all, she didn't want to knock the poor thing out into unconsciousness. The planned Physical attack would do less damage now, therefore, there was a smaller chance that it would overwhelm the bunny.

She commanded for a sneak attack sort of thing - Sakyuu would sneak around to the back of the Rabbit Pokemon then proceed with a Dragon Claw. To make sure she wasn't to be spotted in any case (even though the wild entity couldn't actually see very much right now, to begin with), the Flygon began to kick up some dust.

"Sorry, but there might be a lot more dust blowing around here, so brace yourself." The trainer warned. I nodded in acknowledgement. I quickly racked my mind to think off ways to ward off the sand that was bound to blanket the area. However, it took me a few moments before an idea popped in my head - perhaps my brain was still quite shaken thanks to the shrill screeches from earlier. I quickly called Archer back out of his Pokeball - much to his dislike.

<Archer, think you can make some sort of shield against the sand and dust swirling around here?> I asked him hurriedly. I knew my Pokemon was strong enough to create a kind of forcefield made of Psychic energy to protect all of us from the sand.

He quickly channeled his power into his arms, a glow now radiating off them. A moment later, a rectangular screen in the color of light blue formed in front of us. As the Blade Pokemon continued to build up energy into what he was doing, the shield grew larger and larger. My eyes would catch the glimmering thing glinting under the rays of the sun. It was both beautiful and strong, shimmering with energy.

I was seeing blue now. As I looked through the transparent glass-llike material, I saw sand whipping out from here and there. I knew that the Flygon was doing her job perfectly. I could barely even see her from this angle; I could only catch parts of her body, mostly her wings, sticking out every now and then. They would disappear back into the clouds of dust almost as soon as I noticed them.

I didn't know what was happening. The layers of sand was just much too thick. Only a few minutes later did I realize that everything had gone according to plan - I heard a shout. A cry of pain. And that could only have meant one thing. The assault had been launched from behind, and had been successful.

I'm not a hundred percent sure how it happened. But it could have gone something like this: Before the sand and dust had a chance to settle, the Mystic Pokemon zipped to behind her target. The male Normal-type, confused and with his eyes still stinging, didn't notice her sneaking around at all. Then, when he least expected it, she attacked. Her claws probably glowed a bright blue hue, then she charged in with her arms out-strectched and ready to slash at her opponent. When she had reached a reasonable ranger, she swung her arm against the cotton pelt of the Buneary. This most likely elicited the scream out of him, and the strike might have created a torn in the small of his back. I don't believe it stopped there, though. After all, another wail echoed around us. Strike number two. More came, and I believe that definitely says a lot. It was not looking good for the wild creature.

The dust cleared, and it looked as though his eyes weren't stinging that much any longer. He blinked a few times, trying to get the remaining bits of dirt out. His eyes seemed a bit watery, which wasn't very surprising considering what had already happened. He turned his attention to the Ground-Dragon-type, focusing on avenging himself.

He crouched down low, preparing his legs for the leap. Next thing I knew, the Rabbit Pokemon had jumped. He soared into the air as if he had wings. Then, gravity pulled him down right when and where he wanted the magnetic force to. His powerful feet slammed into the torso of Sakyuu, causing her to wince from the impact. The force pushed her back by quite a bit, but lucky for the trainer, she hadn't crashed to the ground. The Normal-type, with all his grace, did some sort of a 360-degree flip before landing calmly on the lush, green grass. He landed on both feet with not even the slightest of reactions - as if nothing had happened; as if it was as easy and as simple as that... On second thought, perhaps it was - for a bunny, that is.

He wasn't done yet, though. Mustering a whole load of his power and energy, he closed his eyes in concentration. He set his hands out in front of him, the palms of his hands facing each other a few inches apart. There, in between his paws, formed a ball of rushing water. He lifted it up above his curled up ears as it continued to enlarge. In a few moments' time, he would release the orb - smashing it forward but in a downward motion to create a tidal wave in the Botanic Gardens. The wave would rise high - I expect - high enough to reach its target.

Subayai and Sakyuu only had so much time to prepare a counter-assault or something of that sort.

Wild Buneary (M, ???)
Health: 59%
Currently Using: Water Pulse
Last Move Used: Bounce
Status: [CON-2][ACC-1][DEF+1]


Sakyuu the Flygon (F, Jolly)
Health: 85%
Last Move Used: Dragon Claw
Status: [none]

Trainer Statistics:
Name: Subayai
Location: The Botanic Gardens

Encounters Left: 15
Area Effects:
Pokemon Encountered: [none]
Current Encounter: Buneary (M, ???)
Pokemon Captured: [none]

Total Items: Five Parkballs|Two Superballs|Three Max Potions|Three Full Heals|Two Full Restores|One Spicy Splendor Scent Spray|One Dreamily Dry Scent Spray|One Sweet Sensation Scent Spray|One Bitter Berry Scent Spray|One Sour Starfruit Scent Spray|One Mystery Mist Scent Spray|Five Cheri Berries|Eight Pecha Berries|Four Rawst Berries|Two Chesto Berries|Two Lum Berries|One Sitrus Berry
MCR: 9967/9,000

Pokemon Stats

Sakyuu the Flygon (F) - 85%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Toxic|Giga Drain|Solar Beam|Flamethrower|Aerial Ace|Facade|Stone Edge|Sleep Talk|U-Turn|Substitute
<Currently Out of Ball; Currently Engaged in Battle>

Camerupt (M) - 100%
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: [none]

Gengar (M) - 100%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Substitute|Thunderbolt|Psychic|Rain Dance|Taunt|Giga Drain|Ice Punch|Fire Punch|Focus Punch|Sludge Bomb|Swagger|Psych Up|Protect|Sunny Day|Thunder|Snatch|Counter|Explosion|Snore|Sleep Talk|Rest|Focus Blast|Energy Ball|Will-O-Wisp|Shadow Claw|Poison Jab|Perish Song|Haze|Icy Wind

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