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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 24-Tomb of Misery

This was a fantastic situation: My allies included Duplix, Wes, his Garchomp that could find enough reason to eat me alive, and my Pokémon, and potentially the Herobrine. My enemies included whatever happened to live here that was so threatening to Volteers aside from the Herobrine, and potentially the Herobrine, who had us surrounded.

"Alright, what's the deal? You've just happened to teleport us to the Nocturnal Lands, which are completely unmapped, totally dangerous, and could potentially be our graves. Any reasons? Any at all?" I asked.

"This is not our intended destination. But there will be time, explanations, and answers. And you will need it, all of it. You must live, for you are the only thing that keeps the Arbiters from destroying the world: Erevius will listen to you, the Archangel, and will chose your opinions and line of thought over the combined reason of every Arbiter, so long as you remain just and sane in your words. The Arbiters are attempting to sway you over, or show you in a tortured state, unable to communicate, and blame the world for it." one of the Herobrine started, hurrying us along.

"What the heck?! Him?!? THE ARCHANGEL?!?! One of those crazy deities that those crazy cultists WORSHIP?!?!?!" Wes yelled, panicked, shaking me.

"As horrifyingly sad that is for me, yes. Don't worry, I hate their s**t off their a**es." I said, grinning in a cheap attempt to make him stop panicking. Wes only looked more panicked.

"We tell no lies. Alas, the only sane Arbiters seem to be the Deities...Tyzzax has stained the Arbiters reputation, once well-respected and even honored, and it will never be erased...And if you keep it up, you're reputation will take to similar bloody manner. We can already predict that you're corpse-littered path will extend drastically, beyond all expectations, but it isn't wise to kill at all, if you have the option." The Herobrine continued.

"YOU'RE A MURDURER?!?!" Wes screeched.

"Yes, but you may have let one loose when you pressed the d**m button!" I said. "The three Pokémon that went through the Starvation Process those-"

"Brutes of the Exio Void had done was another attempt to alter nature and create a powerful Pokémon, but the Devourers, the Pokémon they created as a result, were beyond that. With the ability to consume any living being, using it's beneficial traits and limbs to it's advantage, these Pokémon were meant to be as much the killing machines as are Shadow Pokémon, but the unwavering loyalty to their masters they do not exhibit. One is beyond the control of anything; it will gladly destroy whatever crosses its path, but hates the Exio Void too much to be chained by their will. The second is insane and unaware of its dangerous talents, far beyond what is normal for both Lucario in general and the Devourers, and from the looks of it, wound up in your hands, and the one you have still takes killing as no fool's game." Another Herobrine said, pointing first at me and then at Wes. They were guiding us, and we were more focused on each other than them.


The Herobrine closest to him shot out a ragged hand, strictly made of bones, and put it over Wes' mouth. "You are highly confused, as you should be, but we have limited time. Hold your tongue." The Herobrine said, as another began speaking.

"It is irrelevant as to what our knowledge is of such things, as time is running out: The Arbiters are closing in on a third solution to your problem, and if they find it before you act accordingly, everything will be no further. It will all end if you fail in the tasks ahead, but your future could not be more foggier; Nearly all attempts to glimpse into your future are shut out by our own eyes." The Herobrine said. "We can say that you must gather the assistance of many, and you must be willing to continue killing, the wretched act it is, but now your goals are timed: failure to meet them before the Arbiters come up with an answer to their own will be an Armageddic flaw, one we cannot allow."

"But one thing must be done before this is possible: You have, through your actions, garnered a group of foes, and said foes must not remain foes forever. If they do, the leader, unaware of the full circumstances, will make the command to knowingly condemn you, and unwittingly all existence with it." The Herobrine said. These foes remain mysterious to our eyes, but we are certain that these are revered and famed in some way. Who they are is beyond us. We can say that Gear Pesse isn't among them, but otherwise, the fooled, famous enemies you have made must have their sole folly corrected, as soon as possible. After this, the future must hold between you and the High Priest a pair of battles, dire battles. Victory must be obtained in both, for even if you escape them unharmed, it will cost you everything to lose." The Herobrine said.

"That is all we know of your future. We are sorry for our lack of knowledge." The Herobrine said. "Regardless, one thing is absolutely certain: Our destination, and why we trek there." Added one of the Herobrine, as we went under a large floating island just feet from our heads. "We lead you to a place we have recently discovered; Digging through dirt and stone has revealed a startling and intricate tomb of odd, unique stones and gems, but it is ultimately a place of burial for a hero that never was. There is no sign of who created it, sadly, as the only signs are the creational rings, and they are found among most every works of the elder societies; Coganan, Kortazian and Arbitarian alike." said the Herobrine. "Moreover, our entrance is forbidden, as are others: We have gathered the bodies of the dreamers-"

"The dreamers?" I asked, taking more notice of my surroundings: Trees were semi-abundant, and on the ground there were...Sleeping people?

"At times, those that are tortured greatly go into a deep slumber unto which they cannot awake, their consciousness confined to a dream where they are somewhere else entirely, not tortured. In this state, they do not need to eat or drink unless they were starving or dying of thirst, for the hibernational state they fall into requires utterly no movement and barely a heartbeat. Only they can awaken themselves, but they lose all memory of their former life in the process of going into their imprisonment. We saved them from being Eradicated at the last minute, an action as to why we are only nine, when originally we totaled thousands; Tyzzax took it as treason. It was also an action in vain, for despite our attempts, many still will never wake until they die." The Herobrine said. "We tried helping them awaken, appearing in a form of themselves, nearly a mirror image, with eyes without pupils being the only alteration. We alter their dreams in ways impossible by the normal standards, show them signs of this being a dream only and a dream totally, convince them out of all other ways possible...And even then, only a rare few escape. Those we set back into Alto-Mare. They have told those at Alto-Mare, but they do not believe them when it comes to our involvement as being innocent, so they stay away." Said the Herobrine, showing the only hint of sadness I could detect, which is saying something. "It is a terrible way to live and die."

"Continuing on from that, we have amassed the bodies of the dreamers, and used them to try and cross, but no matter what their energy levels were, or really what they were at all, they fail to go past the barrier. Nothing happens to them asides, so that is good enough, but the barrier sports an Aura: Yours. You may go through, we predict." The Herobrine said.

"There is one more thing we would like to discuss: Your power and abilities. I understand that you know much about them as it stands, but we must tell you now that your rate of gaining power isn't as fast as you believe, but it is rapid enough to cause concern, and something unexpected has came up. Henceforth, we must tell you something now: It seems that Coganan Energy has recently entered your range of powers. It is only a little for now, and we expect that even in later years you will wield it with some issues. There is also the opposite to deal with: Your Arbitarian Powers are expanding even further than we believed initially possible, and is starting to relate to abilities that we initially believed were reserved to us alone, as well as the ability to use the Arbit-Storm. Very few can learn it, and it usually requires more than one user to use it successfully, even with your level of power." The Herobrine said. "There is other things as well, but we know that these things will be known to you in time." They said.

"Wait a minute. You're telling me now that I do have access to all twelve energies a Volteer can use, however minor some kinds may be, AND you're saying I have been in possession of elite Arbitarian techniques and abilities that were initially thought to be reserved to you, both of which were deemed impossible. You KNOW that I'm going to have more powers, and they're probably going to get more and more off-the-wall insane and impossible. And you can't tell me what they are?" I said, feeling quite sick of the absurd Power gain. Even a tyrant that managed to assume control of everything in all of existence, down to the tiniest movements of each and every individual subatomic particle, would start to get irritated at the seemingly unlimited power that kept coming en masse. It would rise a level where I'd be chastised and murdered for it, eventually, if it kept up like this.

"The fact aside that we do not know anything else at all about the powers you are gathering, it would still come as a surprise if we were to tell you a power you would get ten years from this night at this exact time, because you'd have forgotten by then, and that is purely hypothetical. There is one thing you must know, now: seeing the future only means you see the most likely events, and it is defiantly so that these events may not occur in the most likely fashion. Destiny isn't, to put it simply. We are here."

The Herobrine spaced themselves out, and I started looking at my surroundings once again: The Herobrine led us to a floating rock, hovering over a pool of water, it's source made by several rivers, their supply of water crashing down into the pool. To add to the mystery of this rock's location, there wasn't any visible connecting landmass: even with Aura Sight, there wasn't a platform around that could have gotten us here. The rock was itself made up of ordinary things, rock and dirt and gravel and whatnot, and even for a floating rock, it was very normal.

"Within lies the Tomb of Misery. This name was made so in the three languages of the elder societies, meaning that whoever built this wanted their identities secret. We have told you what else we know of it. We do not know what lies beyond the first room. Good luck." The Herobrine said, parting a little more to let a small entrance into a rock cavern be visible, a few globes of light hanging inside it. I walked in, ready for all hell to break loose.

It took a few minutes of simple cave exploring to reach the actual entrance to the tomb itself, during which time I realized how ordinary the whole cavern looked to me: had it not been that I knew there was a very interesting tomb on the other side, I'd have turned back already. Only the globes of light that hanged on utterly nothing let the course be known to me, which made the process fast.

The entrance to the tomb itself was the corner opposite of boring: Once I turned a corner, I found myself in a very smoothed out, purposeful room, with not even the slightest crack or inch of mossy growth on any of the rock walls, and several orbs, either made of stone and coated with jewels, or else a jewel in itself, and sometimes a combination, floated around, sporting various patterns, sizes and colors. It all led up to a kind of doorway, regal and proud, made entirely of gold and jewels embedded inside it of every color. There were three patches of text, all probably saying the same thing, judging from the English text: "The Tomb of Misery, and it's contents: Herein lies Justice Incarnate." There was no barrier to prevent me from walking in, other than my own aura, hovering around it. The Herobrine weren't liars after all: I walked right in, only a brief sense of warmth from passing through the barrier.

The room itself was only a passageway into the rest of the tomb, and it was made of stone bricks, but matching impressive splendor with the outside room with it's impeccable condition. It was like it was made yesterday. There wasn't much here, only some text above the next archway inwards: "To hope that Justice remains evermore pure." I walked straight in, no doubts about it, on the barely marked trail leading straight ahead.

This room was even grander: Aside from the fact the trail had been elevated and split the room into two, there were four massive silver columns that were dotted here and there with diamonds, and the jewel orbs were hanging around in more quantity. Treasure was loaded in the four corners of the room, mostly golden coins, and had it not been Latries, I probably would have been preoccupied with carrying some out.

"Justice Incarnate...Ugh...It sounds so familiar...So, so Familiar...Oh, oh, I think I...No, no, I lost it...Ugh!" Latries said, probably having lost a critical train of thought. "...Well, I don't think this is the back room, there'd be some kind of grave of sorts, right? There's a doorway, over there." Latries added, pointing at a silver archway leading into another room. Truth be told, with Latries's mind almost totally consumed on the familiarity of the title the Herobrine gave me, I now swore something familiar about it was also ringing bells. The archway over the door stated "To the hope that the forces of Justice may rest in peace, with a world at peace."

The next room was even more so grand than the last: This room had the same layout as the last room, but the whole place was made of silver, excluding the four golden pillars, and even more jewel orbs hanged around, this time no longer sporting stone cores. There was even more treasure, still stuffed in the corners, this time with some variety: Platinum Coins sprinkled among the Gold, several Golden items here and there, Diamonds put around in some articles of jewelry. I kept on trucking: Something was fishy about the extravagant amount of jewels, and my curiosity in turn was even more focused on what lied ahead. The text above the door this time stated: "To the hope that the world may have never needed the one buried here."

The next room was ridiculous: Golden walls and floor and ceiling, with Onyx columns, for some reason. The jewel orbs floating around were starting to get bigger and bigger in size, and were starting to get more colorful and more elaborate, and the treasure followed suit: There was enough here to buy out the whole Nexus and all of its population. That was ridiculous. I wouldn't need Latries' curiosity at this point: There was defiantly some kind of trap about this treasure. The engraving above it stated proudly, "To the hope that we may see Justice Incarnate again."

Then I triggered a switch, by walking on the ground, now transitioning from Golden to Onyx, as darkness suddenly came off of the treasure, and as the darkness faded, I smiled for my restraint: The position of every golden coin was over a ledge, leading to a spike pit, the floating jewel orbs were in truth made of spikes and iron, and every last room was made of stone save the one I just stepped in, all of it an elaborate illusion minus the dimensions and design. I looked ahead, and I guess I found where "Justice Incarnate" was buried.

This room looked remorseful, in comparison to the extravagant (and fake) rooms that really took away from the solemn nature that should be one's final resting place. It was totally fitting, henceforth. The floating orbs of death were gone, but treasure was here still, but already in untouched bags, save for one sword on a hilt. The room itself was made of onyx, with the exception of platinum pillars and a small part on one wall that read: "To the wish that his death never had came so swiftly as to not allow for life." It took a few seconds for the meaning to sink in: "Justice Incarnate" died in his birth, or too soon thereafter to count for dying in birth. In the center of the room stood the coffin, made of pure platinum, polished to a respecting shine, with Latios and Latias on it, tears flowing freely from their eyes, hugging-who else-Latries, eyes closed, in an inert and dead position.

OK, even you knew it was coming. I put one hand on the coffin, in respect, and surprisingly, the platinum top slid away. I jumped back a little, still unable to see the contents, and afraid that I might have set of a booby trap of sorts. When utterly nothing happened, I slowly approached the coffin, and peered over.
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