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Default Re: Forum Lag Issues

Google Chrome, on a Dell laptop (can't remember what model, but it is a model for this year) that is less than a year old and kept up to date.

3 errors:

Database Errors.

"Unable to Connect: The server closed the connection without sending any information" errors. These are the most common.

"Fatal Error: Exceeded Maximum Execution Time of 30 seconds" errors, usually involved in trying to post on VM or edit that post with Advanced Options.

Generally it is from 2 PM until I get off (around 3 AM, sometimes sooner). Occasionally I have trouble logging out, but often logging out is perfectly fine, if slow.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Also, Pe2k loads faster for me when I click to another tab. On Google Chrome, you have tabs at the top - when Pe2k is loading (shown by the little grey circle which become more defined and blue in the finishing stages of loading), it sometimes takes forever when I'm viewing it. But if I switch to another tab, it loads almost immediately. Except when lagging, of course.

This might just be because it can load the images "out of site" (O I see what u did thar...), thus it loads faster. That's just my opinion, though. All I know is that when on the tab, it doesn't load nearly as fast as when I'm viewing another tab.

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