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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Legacy Edition:

Originally Posted by The Unreal Shadow Tracker View Post
i was just giving you crap, so have you started rng yet? or was that pm about what your currently doing ?
Well, I can RNG at any time, but to say things ahead of time, I feel more comfortable doing 4th gen atm and just transferring them over. I never finished my pokedex rng, but I progressed pretty far since then.

I honestly would like to do my idea first, but I feel silly just doing things on my own (not like I would make things ridiculous when I do start my project), but having other great minds to do it would help out a lot, perhaps turn it into a success for others to try(which is what I'm aiming for). It probaly is best for me to just RNG and see how people fit into my idea until then, I guess, .
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