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Default Academy of Sprite/Pixel Art Group Session - Introduction and Information

Academy of Sprite and Pixel Art Group Session
ASPA for short

Hello, and welcome! This is an information/discussion thread about the group session I will hold in the near future, which will relate to the Academy of Sprite/Pixel Art.
Please read the information below to find out about it! :D This is what I have figured out so far. Please leave your opinion and vote for an option. Thanks!

You do not have to have signed up to be an apprentice to take part in these lessons. Any member is permitted to attend and learn the lessons taught. However, you do need to be a teacher for the teaching part.

I've noticed that the Academy of Sprite/Pixel Art is sort of dying, mainly because teachers may find it difficult to constantly keep up a lesson plan up, or maybe they've become inactive. Nevertheless, this thread is here to teach people how to sprite in a group environment. Having tutorials around the place is useful, but people don't always look at them, and it's better to have an active community of spriters who help each other and learn together.

So, I decided to create this. It's related to the Academy, but not strictly. You see, some rules don't apply here, and I will be doing things slightly differently. :D So please read through these rules and such before you post. I hope you're ready to learn!

[-] No flaming, spamming or bullying.
[-] Include at least four words in each post, otherwise it is considered spam by official Pe2k rules.
[-] Whatever other Pe2k rule I didn't specify.
[*] Listen to the advice given to you.
[*] Teachers and their apprentices do not apply here. The system works slightly differently.
[*] You may discuss things about the lessons here as well as learn and post your sprite, such as any questions you have, or difficulties you encountered that others may want to learn from. However, unrelated chat should be elsewhere.
What on Earth is this thread for?
Well, young curious one, this is a thread where you will learn about spriting with fellow apprentice spriters. You will be taught by teachers such as myself. These threads will probably be put up each week with a new lesson, depending on how progression goes.

I'm an apprentice whose teacher became inactive...
This is exactly why I created this thread. As well as being a faster way, we can teach many of you at once without having to adhere to the maximum apprentices per teacher. Here you can learn from several different teachers, which is more beneficial, and gives the teachers a chance to learn a little bit from their fellow teachers as well.

What exactly happens?
What will happen is that I will set these threads up, and in the future, when this has been going for a while and other teachers show interest, me and other teachers will create lesson plans for you guys to follow and do in your own time. It will likely follow a structure, which I will post below.

This is how the general formula will proceed:

1) A teacher such as myself will start a thread. In the title will be the lesson and the difficulty. There is a list of sprite types and their difficulties below.

2) A tutorial will be included in the thread. This will explain how to do said sprite, and there will be examples from a few of the teachers. This will include pictures and steps to aid you in understanding how the sprite works and how it's done.

3) You will then attempt the sprite and post it here.

4) A teacher (if you want a specific one, you can request them) will then critique your sprite and tell you what parts you need to improve on.

5) You can then take your sprite back and fix what the teacher suggested to fix, or you can make another one and take care not to make the same mistake. Up to you.

6) This will happen for everyone, and after that's done, you will be asked to do a couple more to test your skill. Over the course of this time, you will freely post your sprites as they are completed, and they will be critiqued in detail.

7) Once the teachers agree that all the apprentices have learned what they set out to learn, we will move onto another thread and start a new lesson.

There will be a few teachers for each session, and they will be responsible for aiding the apprentices in learning the current lesson. I will mention the teachers involved in the lesson in the second post of each thread (this information will always be in the first post) and the teachers will have been decided ahead of time.

Obviously, you may still tutor your students who signed you to be your apprentices for the original Academy, and only if you are interested in group lessons will you be a part of the group lessons. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. BUT. Remember that you cannot limit your apprentices when it comes to the group lessons. Every apprentice, or, rather, every member of Pe2k who desires it, are allowed to learn from these lessons. They do not need your consent.

If you wish to take part in a lesson, you may PM me or VM me, and you may participate. There is no limit to how many teachers take part in the lessons. For now, I only really know that this will mean you can submit your own tutorials (as well as any that other teachers will provide) and you may also give overall advice, and, the important part, critique the members to help them. For every lesson, I will be creating a tutorial. This does not mean that you cannot, but only that I will be as well. The more, the merrier! :] And different styles of spriting may suit different people.

Voting is the process of people voting (NO WAY! :O) for which lesson they want for the next lesson. There will be a preset number of choices, however, so you do not get to vote extremely freely. And we will start with the basics and work our way up.

The following is what we offer. The basics will be taught first, and then the specific types after that!
- Recolouring
- Palette making
- Shading

Types of spriting:
- Simple fusions
- Trainers (fusion and editing)
- Eggs (colours and patterns)
- Infernos/pillow shades
- Holograms
- Retypes
- Disguises
- Revamps/devamps
- Reshades
- Chao
- Trainer
- Angels/devils

More complicated:
- Advanced fusions
- Scratching

Keep in mind that a lot of sprite types are umbrellas for lots of other sprites. :]

Okay, I think that's about it! You now can add comments, questions and opinions about this system, and tell me what you think. I'll contact all the teachers and let the other members find this on their own.


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