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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Erai and Velocit

I was tightening the pack on my bike, knowing that if I lost the contents inside I wouldn’t be too happy about it. The bread making guy hadn’t answered me yet but there were things to get done and never any time to do them in leisurely. As I was about ready to go back to thank the still stranger to me for the free food and be on my way, I heard another vehicle coming around. The sound made me freeze and stare in the direction it was coming from. I wasn’t in plain sight but my bike was and if my bike was so much as touched while it had my pack on I was going to hurt someone.

Very badly.

When I finally spotted the driver, and the seemingly undead bike he was driving, I relaxed a bit, at least in my mind. This guy looked like he could of lived here, and if he did I wasn’t going to question it. I noticed that his shirts were entirely filthy with who knew what. Yeah that screamed mechanic to me, and also, he wasn’t WAE. WAE always liked to keep themselves remotely neat to prevent any disturbing thoughts going out through the minds of society. Either way, I knew this guy couldn’t go farther either on the bike or not.

I just hoped he wouldn’t try to throw something at me for looking like a WAE.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

I listened to the humanoids know as Kari, and Shiri, and the dragon tattoo who was Silverstreak. I found Silverstreak an interesting Sona, not many had Sona’s anymore directly tied to their art. Then again I was glad not to be a floating pair of scratching boards. I looked at Dos, who was now by this point, talking, or rather, yelling at his Deviant. I let him talk without interruption, not sure when the blue jawbreaker could fit into my hand would be finished.

“Thank you for assisting in taking out…well this heap of junk.” I pointed to it with my claw. “I’m sure at least one of you is questioning why I said to do so.”

Then my thoughts fell back to how I was assumed the leader. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not but I was just going to roll with it.

“There are some things I think you’ve earned the right to know. If you don’t mind finding a safer more private place in Umecit to speak that is…” I explained, thinking I could trust these Sona with my big secret.

I stopped and turned to the other Sona who addressed me. I looked at her, not knowing who she was and assuming she was from the stray pair. I shuffled my wings and tail, getting the last bit of discharge off of me so I could move properly again. Hopefully I didn’t light on fire in the process.

“Yes?” I responded.

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Winter and Velocity, metal sonic indirectly

The hall was nearly silent except for the mild chatting of the other executives. At the end of the table sat such a pale man, he was even pale by WAE standards. Skin nearly as white as the walls around him, hair a dull silver and a thin body that looked almost frail. He wore a long black jacket, slightly greyish white shirt that was hard to tell apart from his skin, black pants and shoes. The only colour on him was piercing red eyes that made your spine twist and turn, if not completely drawn into them. All sound stopped when the doors came open, and a man and a girl walked in, sitting down at the end farthest from the albino. The other, more lively gentlemen turned and immediately noticed her sketchbook, becoming wary but not being thrown into a panic. No, you didn’t panic when you were in his presence.

This was Adrian Acursio…no one knew how or why, but he was in charge of WAE, he just was and always seemed to be.

He only looked up when the girl sat down, and he noticed her gaze quickly left his. This made him smile just a bit. He put his hands softly on the metal table and got up from his seat, letting everyone know he was going to speak.

“Gentlemen, this is Ryza.” His voice was calm and pleasant, almost charming in a way, but it was devoid of almost, if not all emotion. “Yes, she is carrying a sketch book, but do not be alarmed.”

“May I ask why you brought a visual terrorist into this meeting sir?” One of the gentlemen on the far right asked, seemingly nervous of her presence despite the fact he was farthest away.

“I am getting to that. As you know it’s been apparent that the Deviants are growing more and more difficult to deal with. I forsee them turning to be a formidable obstacle, and that is something that will harm the WAE of life.”

Adrian was walking around the table slowly, making his long away around to Ryza.

“Therefore, I thought it would be suiting to have one of their very kind help us do so.”

“But sir, she’s a Deviant!”

“Please do not become uneasy.” Adrian commented, seemingly changing his tone of voice without actually doing it. “I will handle the matter myself, so that the rest of society may resume its current state. I am making you all aware of the situation so there are no surprises. There is no better way to deal with such a situation than by having the conflict being involved with just those who are not of the WAE, rather than those of and those not.”

The gentlemen looked at each other, knowing that Adrian was the Engine of WAE, and not to question the engine of WAE. After some mild murmuring, the other gentlemen knew that Adrian had nothing more to say to them, and went on their way before they possibly upset him. By now Adrian was only a few feet away from Ryza, watching as everyone else but the girl and her handler, leave the room. Once the doors echoed eerily shut, the albino went to Ryza and knelt down to her level, almost seeming, pleased to meet her.

“Excuse them Ryza. They don’t understand everything.” Adrian spoke to her softly. “Now I know you’d like to be out and not in that room they keep you in. I can give you your own place however and wherever you like. However we need one specific Deviant found…and we don’t know who and where they are. We just know how they’re going to react to your special skills.”

Adrian stopped when he heard something in his pocket shake. He stood up and pulled it out, a small and compact phone. He only flipped it open without a word, and a woman spoke on the other end, aware that Adrian was listening.

‘Sir, your appointment has arrived at the facility.’

“Thank you for telling me.” He said, turning back to Ryza. “Would you like to come with me around Ryza? I’m sure you’d like to see a place a bit more intriguing to look at.”

Then, suddenly, Adrian seemingly spoke at nothing.

“Miss Maverick you may come in.”
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