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Default Re: Art n Stuffs | Updated; 13-12-11

You know, I forgot this was here. I shall subscribe.

As I said on DA, he's one creepy guy. Although I think what's-his-name with the long tongue from Bleach is way creepier. Seriously. That tongue.

Tee hee. You like doing sketches - but I'd dearly love to see this guy in color! <3 Keep up the good work. I shall continue to stalk you. I feel terrible - as a friend, I should be supporting you, yet I'm not :/ *Smacks self*

On a side note, my mouse is flickering in and out of oblivion. I don't know why. It's annoying me. Hope my laptop is fine...*Sits quietly for more art*

EDIT: Le gasp! It was DA! Once I closed it my mouse returned to its normal mental state! =O

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