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Default Re: The Bishies Thread

Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight View Post
Oh sweet, we got a fresh slate of Bishies! And we get 10? Count me in ;3

Since you put the characters in by name, not animé/animé-like game, I did the same. Hope it's how you wanted ^^

★ Axel - Kingdom Hearts (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Black Gatomon - Digimon (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Demyx - Kingdom Hearts (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Glaceon - Pokémon (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Malon - Zelda (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Platinum - Pokémon Adventures/Special (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Saki Hanajima - Fruits Basket (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Yuki Nagato - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Eternal Moonlight)
★ Zexion - Kingdom Hearts (Eternal Moonlight)

I'll go with nine for now, if that's alright!
Added. :3

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Post for the lulz

1) Misty from Pokemon (Jet)
2) Nanako Kuroi from Lucky Star (Jet)
3) Yomiko Readman from R.O.D. (Jet)
4) Misty Cornwall from Vandread (Jet)
5) Meme Touwa from Denpa Onna to Seishu Otoko (Jet)
6) Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4 (Jet)
7) AIGIS from Persona 3 (Jet)
8) Anna Kozuki from Yu-gi-oh ZeXal (Jet)
9) Carly Nagisa from Yu-gi-oh 5Ds (Jet)
10) Misty Lola from Yugi-oh 5Ds (Jet)
DENIED. Please post them in the correct format and in alphabetical order.

All other claims have been added.
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