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Originally Posted by Elecii View Post

Awesome. :] It would be epic if you could do an English accent, and to be honest it would make more sense having two sisters with the same accent. xD You don't have to do the mother if you don't want to, it was just if I couldn't find another person to play the mother. And if you know someone who could play Martin that would be great!

I also fixed my sound recording, it turned out the microphone recording volume was put down to like 10%. :l That's one of the many reasons I hate using my school laptop. Yeah, now I'm going on about random stuff, so I'll stop. xD
Yay! Okay, well I'll try to do some lines today. :3 Ahaha, I'll attempt it, but I can't guarantee that it'll sound good, haha. Okay. Well I'll see if I can get my voice sounding different, and if not, I'll ask around to see who would want to. :D And yeah! I told him about it, so hopefully he'll post here or something soon. xD

Ohh, hahah, that would explain it! Well that's good you realised what was wrong with it. ^^ That's okay. I ramble a lot too. xD Also, if you need anyone to put the clips together for you, LIKEME*COUGH* then I'm sure that can be done too. :D


EDIT: OH MY GOSH, MIKE, YES. YOU HAVE TO. The person I had in mind for Martin wasn't you (since I thought we could try out new actors), but if you played the mother, that would be amazing. XD
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