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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard's Sprite Gallery~

*is impressed* Nice lot of sprites. ^^ I quite like your style. It's neat, very nice, and modest. Well, that last word is probably just one I used to make it sound a bit fancy, but I do quite like your things. Now. Just a question. Did you ever see this post of the GSS, which was me critiquing what you posted there? If not, I suggest you read it. If so, then why didn't you reply? D:

Let's pick out the ones I want to help with.

That first one... I remember seeing it somewhere for a while. I believe it was your avatar for a time, yes? I also believe you used to be... LOLMEGITISYOU! XD I thought so! Hey! What's happening? :D I'll have to remember you changed your name. xD Wow, I'm totally paying attention.

My first bone to pick would be that absol/raikou/bayleef/blaziken/arcanine. It's really interesting, but the green against the rest doesn't seem to match, and it reminds me of when people don't recolour. It also looks really cramped. If you removed the tail it would be more spacious and probably better. The black palette for the front leg really doesn't work too well, and I suggest not using those shades. The darkness against the light doesn't work. It might work for just stripes, because they're small and easier to avoid using detailed palettes on, but for that leg it doesn't really work.

The pikashrew has a random pixel on its knee. xD It shouldn't be there.

See how the charoise has a squiggly neckline because of the shell? I don't think it should be squiggly...because from this angle it looks like it stuffs up the neckline. Plus, there would be more belly surface before the shell closes in. And I believe that the unerside should go all the way to the shell-line, rather than it going to blue before hitting the shell. The position is pretty awkward altogether. I don't like how the shell sits, because it comes too far over to the side and cuts into the body. If you take a look at the Black and White sprite, you'll see that the shell comes behind the leg and then rounds the inside of the arm. Whereas yours cuts over the leg and comes too far into the body, since the arm is a little far over. Although I suppose a lot of it has to do with fitting a shell of a broad, round pokemon on a pokemon like charizard, who is definitely not the same shape. xD I would also shade the head, if I were you, like the leg and put a spot or two of light shading to give the smooth effect.

With the next one, the red around the front chest plate doesn't show up very well. I think it's the green against the red that doesn't made it look that good, so I think you'd need to create a border between the colours so they don't clash so much. Yet, when you make that border, as I see to the looks thing and a bit wrong. xD Ohh, I see why! It's because you're trying to juxtapose the red with the darker green, as opposed to having it with the lighter green. Maybe you should try making the entire plate red instead?

This one, from first glance, looks choppy, but it should, by no rights, be so, since once I analyse it, it seems rather smooth and I can't put my finger on how to tell you to improve. I really do like it, though. I think in some places where the outlines aren't defined or shaded (like the fur of the belly coming off in zig-zags at the waist) or dark enough, it gives it that choppy effect. But I dunno. The idea is brilliant, and it turned out quite well. I think I'd use darker outlines in places, especially when you have dark shading nearby.

This one's pretty cute. c: There's one pixel on its head fur's outline that should be there, though. It may have been missing when the colour was tan, but because the colour is now red, you have to compensate and add the outline. I think the tail sits a bit awkwardly, and it should round more so it looks like it should connect to the rump, similar to a normal growlithe's tail. There's a tiny clump of grey on the outline of the chest fur under the muzzle and to the right, and there's also a bit of black. It looks like you need to get rid of a few of those pixels to make it single-lined, but other than that, I really like the sprite. :D

This one is pretty cool. I must admit that I really like it. However, the replacement of its stripes with others looks a bit odd. The stripe (whenever I go to type 'stripe', I type 'sprite' xD) coming in from the bum looks weird because it's almost coming from the tail, and it doesn't look rounded enough. Too straight, is what I'm saying. I think it should dip under more and follow the upper leg muscle, but then that would clash with the outline of the leg. I think it makes the back look bear, but that something about that stripe placement...I dunno. There's also a triangle of light shading that comes from the front leg and cuts into the belly area. That shouldn't be there, because the leg would obscure any light the body gets, and it also makes the leg look like it's not really a leg. You have to shade in accordance to assumed muscles. There's also some light shading on the left (our left) side of the front leg, but that shouldn't be there. If you want to shade with light shading, follow the pattern and don't shade by the side of the outlines. Shade in the middle of the leg, or slightly to the left because of the light source. Because shading around the outlines is the first step to turning your sprite into a Pokemon Blue sprite.

I mentioned the following two in my GSS post. :]

Now this one is a problem because the hands are ice, but the belly is black. This means that you cannot have light outlines for the ice, which is inconvenient because the hands would theoretically need to have light shading since ice isn't dark, but that puts you in a difficult position. In a situation like this, I would change it so only the tips of the hands (or only a bit into them) is ice, and the rest is normal, so that you can have dark outlines against the black of the body. Also, I do believe the person who requested this asked that you fuse a latios with a quilava, but there are only two quilava parts: the head flame, and the back flame. This will not automatically mean you have fused the two. This only means you have used a quilava's fire. A fusion isn't keeping one pokemon and adding bits of the other. It's physically fusing both so that they bodies, patterns and colours are intertwined. Of course, colours isn't an issue for this sprite, considering it's recoloured specifically, but it was meant to be retyped to ice. So now, how does a quilava's flames help? It doesn't make sense than an ice type would also have fire, unless the person requested it to be part fire type as well.

I like the next one. o: It's like a wolf-suicune. XD I think you really need to reshade the mane, and make sure you colour the shaded parts with a dark outline, otherwise the shading makes no sense and it's inconsistent. Like I said before, you can't just shade under the outlines of the sprite. You need to shade in the centre to round what you're shading--if what your shading is round.

That palkia. xD Very strange. But. The belly...the line bordering the underbelly dips down and looks really odd. It needs to follow the pattern and round with the underside so it's not randomly going down like that.

XD That perturne! xD That looks hilarious! But it's good. xD The left (our left) cheek is a bit pointy in comparison with the other cheek, which is not pointy.

xD The nidomuk is pretty awesome. I think it needs a bit of light shading in places to get the slimy, gooey effect, however.

I cannot critique the next two because they are not pokemon sprites. D: But the second one is a lot better looking in purple, however.

I love all the recolours, apart from the treecko. It looks weird because the colours are too dark. The shades need to be like its evolutions' shades. It's too dark. D:

The disguises are great. :D The best I've seen in a long time.

I like your retypes, as well. Although I think you need darker outlines for your scizor, because the palette is fairly light and looks a little odd against the dark outlines.

Inverts are inverts. What can you do? xD But they're good.

The male trainer's pants need to have darker outlines because they're against a black cloak. The hair is also a bit too pillow-shaded. If you look at official trainers' hair, it's very different and the shading is just right so that it looks 3D and not wrongly shaded. Even if hair often only has, like, two shades. xD

Great re/devamps. The only things I have to complain about are the persian's light shading - especially on the legs/paws - and that flareon's...horrible...DS colours. >.< But that's a personal preference.

The scratches are pretty amazing. I really do like them. The ariados is my favourite. ^^ The shading on the XD lugia's belly is questionable, and doesn't make much sense. The shading on the wings is good, but just not very game-like.

I like these as well. That ekans/snake is amazing. :D I love the colours and you've done it really well. ^^

As you can tell, I rushed the last couple of paragraphs, but sorry I took so long to comment. I keep meaning to do things and then I run out of time or have to do something else. Dx But, yeah. They're all pretty awesome, and with some practice, you can improve and become really great. You're definitely on the right path, because most of your sprites are really well done. :D

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