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Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post


See those tiny dots up the top? Yeah. That's my mic. ...Well, you can't see the dots, but there's a dot either side of that square above the screen. xD The square is a camera.

But yeah, pretty much. Make sure you upload it to a site like Tindeck. :D Also, if you have bloopers, you should totally keep them. :D I always do. xD

I uh, couldn't see the dots in the picture, but that's okay, because my laptop has the exact same mic setup... lol

Uploading my recording now. I'll post a reply here with the file if somebody else posts, but if nobody else does, then I guess I'll be editing this post

*checks Tindeck to see status of upload, finished*

Normally it's not this fast... Guess I'll be posting it now... lol
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