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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

As Sakyuu kicked up more dust, a small--yet thick--sandstorm formed; thus it was virtually impossible to see anything. Luckily Elisa's Gallade was sent out and used Protect in order to keep us behind a solid wall of psychic energy. Sand still got through to us from the sides and whatnot, but it wasn't anything too major. Just sand, anyway.

It was then that I remembered that I really should apologize to them about the Supersonic incident as soon as the battle came to a close.

I heard a cry in pain from the Buneary, then another shortly afterwards. Perfect. My plan had worked out great, maybe even better than I had anticipated.

Soon the sandstorm started to fade, until it completely subsided. Archer's Protect shield was released, and the world out in front came back into view, gradually becoming more and more clear. Buneary appeared to be in pain and its eyes still watery, though it was becoming apparent that the effect from Sakyuu's earlier Sand-Attack was starting to fade.

Once the petite Normal-type finished rubbing his eyes in an attempt to get any remains of debris out, he glanced back over at Sakyuu with a glower slightly contorting his face. He did still look a bit dazed, though this didn't even seem to faze Buneary at the moment. No, it was obviously too focused on getting revenge.

Buneary crouched as if charging up, then sprung into the air with incredible force. As quickly as he bounced up, he crashed back down to earth, plummeting right at Sakyuu, feet first. Being the physically capable mammal-like Pokemon it was--after all, it did execute a skillfull Bounce attack--a Buneary's legs were indeed rather powerful.

Buneary made a rather heavy impact to Sakyuu's torso area, receiving a wince and a slight cry from her in reply. Luckily this didn't faze her too terribly, but it was still apparent that it did a considerable amount of damage.

The Buneary stylishly and gracefully landed on the lush grass, 360-flip and everything. Just like that. Like nothing ever happened.

"Hmm. Sassy, are we?" I remarked inaudably.

The Buneary, however, barely gave time to react; right after his landing, he performed an almost meditation-like gesture, with his arms folded out in front of him and palms facing each other, inches apart. A glow of a slight tinge of blue began to form between them, seconds later growing into an orb of rushing water.

"Oh boy, Water Pulse." I wasn't, however, about to let Sakyuu simply fall victim to it. That is, not without a fight.

"Sakyuu, awesome job!" I called out. The Flygon cried out happily in response. "Charge up a Sonicboom attack, and as soon as Buneary launches that Water Pulse at you, launch your Sonicboom attack." I was expecting that Sonicboom would slice the pulse of water in half as if it were butter, and maybe even hitting through to Buneary a little, but I could have been wrong. Sonicboom, however, did generally call for the user to launch out solid shockwaves with either its wings or with sound, said shockwaves taking an almost-invisible blade-like form that makes a beeline for its target.

"Then make sure to use a Giga Drain to restore a little bit of HP! Try not to overdo it though, we want to make sure to not knock out the poor thing."

Sakyuu followed her commands, flapping her wings to charge a swift Sonicboom attack.

After giving my order, I hastily dug a Parkball from the depths of my bag. I pressed the center button to enlarge it (who ever knew that they had the technology to make Pokeballs have the ability to shrink like that?), gripping it tightly. I was ready for an opening so I could throw the thing, mentally picturing how I was going to throw this thing. I sure hoped I'd get the aim right and wouldn't just blatantly miss Buneary.

I'm not that clumsy mind you, but I was simply nervous. That kind of thing happens to even the best of us sometimes, anyway.
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