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Default Re: Pokemon Elite 2000 vs Dachampster

Round Two


[Fang] Gliscor (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 86%
Condition: Fang S2 Tonka; Infatuated
Moves: Toxic ~ U-Turn

Pokemon Elite 2000

[Tonka] Drilbur (M)

HP: 85%
Energy: 89%
Condition: That was cold
Moves: Toxic ~ Poison Jab

Fang wasn’t as sure about this as she had been; the condition she had been inflicted with would definitely cause her some problems if she did nothing about it. However, she had to stay in for a little longer so that she could weaken Tonka for her teammate. She seemed to be in control of her emotions for the time being so she went in for an attack. A mixture of deadly poisons began to brew in her stomach. It was so dangerous that it began to burn away at her stomach, making her throw it up quickly. Once it was in her mouth, she swooped in towards Tonka and spat out the mixture over his head. The mole howled as the venom seeped through his skin and into his blood; he knew that it would cause him some problems later on. However, he wasn’t out of the running yet.

He had also prepared a similar poison in his own stomach and spat it out at Fang as she tried to retreat. The Gliscor shrieked – she didn’t like tasting her own medicine. The two pokémon glared at each other. Things were getting more serious.

Fang had had enough by now; it was time for her to go. Green energy swirled around her body and she shot forwards towards Tonka. The Drilbur stepped back and managed to block some of the attack with his claws, but he still took a good deal of damage. Then, the bat was retreating straight back to her poké ball, where she was safe from the mole she had been fighting. But the battle wasn’t over. Tonka was still standing and Dachampster had to choose another pokémon to replace his Gliscor. Thinking quickly, he decided to send his Treecko, Blade. The grass-type appeared in a blaze of light and slipped in a pile of rubbish. While he was down there, Tonka decided to strike.

While Dachampster made up his mind as to who he would send out, the Drilbur had prepared a layer of poison on his claws. Now he rushed forwards and struck the fallen lizard with his venom laden claws, scratching the surface of his skin slightly so that the poison could get in. As he stepped back, both pokémon were left crippled by the poison in their blood and double over coughing. This was going to be difficult for both of them.


[Blade] Treecko (M)

HP: 72%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Not the best of starts; Poisoned

Pokemon Elite 2000

[Tonka] Drilbur (M)

HP: 70%
Energy: 65%
Condition: Feeling a little under the weather; Toxic

Rolled 1207/10000, Gliscor acts as normal (No infatuation)
Toxic- (Rolled 47/100, 90 or less to hit; Gliscor -6% Energy; Drilbur Toxic-poisoned)
Toxic- (Rolled 16/100, 90 or less to hit; Drilbur -6% Energy; Gliscor Toxic-poisoned)
U-Turn- (Gliscor -9% Energy, leaves; Drilbur -13% HP; Treecko enters)
Poison Jab- (Rolled 2/10, 3 or less to poison; Drilbur -18% Energy; Treecko -25% HP, poisoned)
Poison/Toxic- (Drilbur -2% HP; Treecko -3% HP)

Arena Notes
Toxic- (Rolled 68/100, 5 or less to slip)
Toxic- (Rolled 31/100, 5 or less to slip)
U-Turn- (Rolled 17/100, 5 or less to slip)
Poison Jab- (Rolled 61/100, 5 or less to slip)

Team Notes
3 pokémon remaining
Fang: 100% HP, 74% Energy, Toxic
Pokemon Elite 2000
3 pokémon remaining