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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

Ranger Elisa Fleming


"Sakyuu, awesome job!" Subayai called out to her Pokemon, praising and encouraging the Flygon to continue on. She cried out happily in response. "Charge up a Sonicboom attack, and as soon as Buneary launches that Water Pulse at you, launch your Sonicboom attack."

"Then make sure to use a Giga Drain to restore a little bit of HP! Try not to overdo it though, we want to make sure to not knock out the poor thing."

She gathered up her energy, directing it towards her tail where the sound waves would emerge from later on. She swung her tail back and forth a couple of times, getting ready to launch the attack. The wild entity then flung the water orb forward yet downward. I immediately knew what this meant. You see, there are two variations of the Water Pulse attack - one is when the sphere is sent flying directly towards the target; the other is when it first bounces on something as some sort of a jumping pad to create a tidal wave. And, in this case, the latter was exactly what the Buneary had chosen.

The globule hit the grass with a soft thud, then soared straight back up into the air as a whole new thing. Quickly, the Mystic Pokemon flicked her tail, releasing a curved-shaped sound wave. She swung it again, pushing out another one. Both cut through the wave of rushing water, eliminating it from the battle. The second of the Sonicbooms made it through, though, proceeding to slam into the Rabbit Pokemon. He hadn't been expecting the assault at all, thinking that, if his wave was destroyed, then the sound waves would have been, too. He was sent flying about two, maybe three, feet backwards as the boom collided with the soft pelt of his torso. His head hit the grassy ground, causing him to get a bit dazed again. He shook his head as he stood, thinking of how to take his revenge on the Ground-Dragon-type.

Meanwhile, the trainer's partner continued on carrying out the command. Her whole body began to glow a bright green color - a lighter green compared to that of the grass; lime green. Vine-like streaks shot out from some part of the entity's body, winding their way to the Normal-type. They wrapped around his body, binding him tightly. The assault sucked out the health and energy from within him, transporting a portion of it back to Sakyuu. Suddenly, she felt refreshed and recharged. However, she knew this battle was soon coming to a close - the wild Buneary was very much damaged and weak as of the moment, and Subayai had already brought out a Parkball.

When the Giga Drain attack had been completed, the bunny almost immediately sprang up into the air. I thought he was going to try for another Bounce like earlier, but I was wrong. Only one of his two feet were extended, as if ready to kick in whatever motion or direction he pleased. The Mystic Pokemon hadn't much time to react. She was kicked somewhere in the neck, the force of the collision sending them both downwards to the ground. Fortunately for the Ground-Dragon-type, she managed to regain her altitude as the Rabbit Pokemon landed smoothly on the grass.

Taking this opportunity, the trainer tossed the camo-colored orb at the wild organism. It tapped the Normal-type's ears lightly, and bounced back up by a few inches to crack open. Red light flooded out of the sphere, enveloping the tired Buneary. The erratic rays sucked him into the Parkball, which then snapped shut. It landed on the dirt trail, shaking and wriggling as though he was still trying to fight. A few moments passed, the ball constantly wobbling back and forth, then a soft, barely-audible but satisfying click was heard.

I walked over to pick the now-occupied Parkball up. I zipped open my brown messenger bag, carefully placing it inside. "Congratulations!" I told Subayai with a smile. "As per Park policy, I'll have to hold on to this until the end of the run, though. Rest up for a moment or two, if you'd like. Then, we could continue down this path or head off to the greenhouses over there." I pointed to to somewhere far off to the right where a number of greenhouses were situated.

Wild Buneary (M, Quirky)
Health: 26.5%
Currently Using: [none]
Last Move Used: Hi Jump Kick
Status: [CAPTURED]


Sakyuu the Flygon (F, Jolly)
Health: 78%
Last Move Used: Sonicboom+Giga Drain
Status: [none]

Trainer Statistics:
Name: Subayai
Location: The Botanic Gardens

Encounters Left: 14
Area Effects:
Pokemon Encountered: Buneary (M, Quirky)
Current Encounter: [none]
Pokemon Captured: Buneary (M, Quirky)

Total Items: Five Parkballs|Two Superballs|Three Max Potions|Three Full Heals|Two Full Restores|One Spicy Splendor Scent Spray|One Dreamily Dry Scent Spray|One Sweet Sensation Scent Spray|One Bitter Berry Scent Spray|One Sour Starfruit Scent Spray|One Mystery Mist Scent Spray|Five Cheri Berries|Eight Pecha Berries|Four Rawst Berries|Two Chesto Berries|Two Lum Berries|One Sitrus Berry
MCR: 0/???

Pokemon Stats

Sakyuu the Flygon (F) - 78%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Toxic|Giga Drain|Solar Beam|Flamethrower|Aerial Ace|Facade|Stone Edge|Sleep Talk|U-Turn|Substitute
<Currently Out of Ball>

Camerupt (M) - 100%
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: [none]

Gengar (M) - 100%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Substitute|Thunderbolt|Psychic|Rain Dance|Taunt|Giga Drain|Ice Punch|Fire Punch|Focus Punch|Sludge Bomb|Swagger|Psych Up|Protect|Sunny Day|Thunder|Snatch|Counter|Explosion|Snore|Sleep Talk|Rest|Focus Blast|Energy Ball|Will-O-Wisp|Shadow Claw|Poison Jab|Perish Song|Haze|Icy Wind

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