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Name:: Suicune
Disguise Name:: Ariana Weeks
Species:: Suicune
Age:: Unknown; appears to be fifteen.
Gender:: Female
Appearance:: above.
Human Appearance:: Suicune, when in her human form, has a distinct appearance. With long, wavy hair which appears to be died purple she can be recognised from the crowd. In her hair are always two long white ribbons. Her eyes are red, which many people don't believe is her proper eye colour. Suicune has a skinny figure, and only wears blue and white. Her favourite top, which she is usually seen wearing, is a blue top with white polka-dots. She also always wears a white and blue layered skirt. She also wears white and bright blue hi tops.
Personality:: Suicune is a kind-hearted girl. She is kind to new people, but can sometimes be too quick to judge. She often judges by looks, rather than personality. Suicune can't stay mad at people for more than a few hours before she forgives them. She is good at keeping secrets, but isn't good at trusting others. She has not yet found a friend that she can tell her secret to, but hopes to find one one day. She travels alone, and doesn't like to be the starter of the conversation. She can be shy, but isn't afraid to show her true self to people she is comfortable around.
Other:: nothing.

Name:: Azelf
Disguise Name:: Leila Croft
Species:: Azelf
Age:: Unknown; appears to be sixteen.
Gender:: Female
Appearance:: above.
Human Appearance:: When in her human form, Azelf has blue hair that always seems to be messy. Her eyes are yellow, with light brown around the outer edges. She wears a black headwrap, with a red jewel in the centre to symbolise the jewel she has on her head when in her Pokemon form. She wears earrings that symbolise paperclips, and are silver in colour. She wears a cut-off grey top, and a high-waist grey skirt, which matches the colour of her top. The waistband is black. She wears plain white and grey hi tops. She cannot control when her tails are shown, so they are usually able to be seen.
Personality:: Azelf is a sweet, quiet girl. She loves to meet new people, and is extremely popular. Even though she has so many friends, none of them know her secret, as she finds it hard to trust people. Her best friend, Latios (who she knows as Jake Wood), is the one person she will travel with. She is never one to start an argument, but is often one to finish an argument. Azelf is not a very independent person, so she enjoys having a friend who she can travel with. She can often be a big mouth, and gossips a lot, but always keeps secrets.
History:: While she was travelling she met up with Latios along the way, and became good friends with him, although he doesn't know her secret, and she doesn't know his.
Other:: nothing.

Name:: Latios
Disguise Name:: Jake Wood
Species:: Latios
Age:: Unknown; appears to be seventeen.
Gender:: Male
Appearance:: above.
Human Appearance:: {to be done}
Personality:: {to be done}
History:: While he was travelling he met up with Azelf along the way, and became good friends with her, although she doesn't know his secret, and he doesn't know hers.
Other:: nothing.


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