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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Endless Forest

"Okay, so everything is broken," The sphere lying half against a tree with its eye forced to stare at tree tops for what must have been several hours now. He'd been busy trying to find just one of his attachments that could move, to no avail. The cracked and dirty lenses made the world appear distorted and even more unfamiliar than they were- Sure, he was used to forests, but this held none of the grand feeling his home did. And the rails, there were none anywhere. If there had been a rail, he could have built up some kind of charge to move about on his own and maybe put some power in to figuring out what was going on. He'd found out that he would lock up if he thought too hard on low power a long time ago, so long that the date on the file was corrupted. So was his inactivity date; he'd been offline for so long the counter had overflowed and simply read 'ERROR'. That was not good.

And, despite not having any way of feeling pain, Ozhban felt that this was what living creatures referred to as pain. And it was very, very bad pain; bits of his power core were jutting out of his casing, keeping him from moving his lenses far enough to get a full view around, just a tree top and tree roots. He could feel all but one of his many attachment arms sparking and convulsing, and he could even hear the weak flickering of his power core. That one still functioning one was an arc caster, and firing that off would most likely sap whatever power he had left. "Okay, don't panic, stay calm... Don't want to learn what happens if I shut off without a power source around... happy thoughts. This isn't too bad. Scenery is nice enough. Pretty sounds from the birds, sun's not right in the lenses..." He said to himself, his lenses stretching forward and looking around a bit. He was in a forest definitely, and as if to torment him, there was what he thought was a village just in his peripheral. And also, apparently, out of hearing range, as he'd tried shouting when he thought he saw movement.

"Oh by the gods, I'm going to die here. Get turned back on just to experience a slow death by power loss. Really, truly wonderful experience." The lenses arranged themselves in a way that made the flickering purple gem inside seem to be an eye partly hidden by a glare. About then, he heard someone or something shuffling around in the forest nearby-- Nearby enough that they would hear him, at least. "H-hey! Hello? Is some one there? I could really use some help, if you would be so kind! I'm stuck and pretty sure that I'm going to die very slowly and painfully if someone doesn't help me. Please. NO no no no, no, don't keep walking! I really do not want to die here! If you can hear me and you're coming, let me know because I don't think I'm in a position to really see you if you come up..." he said, his audio receptors straining intensely to hear any sound from whoever or whatever had passed by. He hoped to whatever gods existed that whoever it was wouldn't finish the job of an eternity of slowly rusting away...

Endless Forest edge

Just out of sight behind a tree very close to the village all the others she had seen were likely making their way to stood a thin woman with white hair, gazing intently in to something that likely wasn't even there. She had arrived a long time ago, and had been waiting a very long time for her new... 'partners' to come by before silently joining with them. They seemed like they had some useful skills, at least. Perhaps better than others she knew of. The woman lifted a hand and placed it on the odd device around her neck, a dreamlike smile on her face. It was about time she made her way back home, she thought briefly. What that entailed brought the smile to her face. Her hand fell back to one of the two odd devices hanging from her waist, and resumed waiting. Someone passing would notice her, or she would silently join the group if she remained unseen. Either way, she suspected things would get very interesting soon. Or they would end up being so terribly disappointing like her last return.

Oh well. That was in the past, and it definitely didn't matter now. Not among people who had no memories, anyways. And she couldn't help but chuckle in anticipation. This was going to be the most fun she'd had in quite a while, even if it didn't go the way she felt it would. She would come to that when and where it showed up. And that would be just fine.
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