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"Hm? Oh, that's okay! I totally understand," Subayai replied cheerfully before going over to praise her Flygon on a job well done. She retrieved a Pecha berry from her bag, feeding it to Sakyuu who ate it with much glee. Afterwards, she looked a bit more refreshed, the berry replenishing some of her used energy.

The trainer turned back to Archer and me. She opened her mouth to speak, hesitating a bit before apologizing, "By the way, sorry about the little incident with Supersonic. Hopefully you guys can forgive me for my careless mistake.” She chuckled lightly - it’s that kind of chuckle you sometimes only semi-voluntarily do in situations like that.

I grinned warmly and laughed lightly. “Oh, don’t worry about that. It happens a lot. We rangers should be prepared for anything and everything that might happen during the run, so it’s not a big deal.”

“Alright,” I agreed, leading them farther down the dirt trail. “Let’s get going, then.”

I kept looking left and right, making sure I wouldn’t miss an encounter. None of the other specimens of Pokemon seemed to be interested in us, though, so I simply left them be. We’d get to them later on in the day - I planned to explore almost the whole of the Gardens today.

A few minutes passed. Bird Pokemon soared overhead, chirping pleasant little tunes. Up ahead, I noticed a cactus-like organism. It wasn’t a Cacnea for sure - it was too tall to be one. Perhaps a Cacturne, but, even from this distance, I could tell that it didn’t seem to be that species either.

It had large ear-like extensions. These extensions featured dark green spiky arrangements at the base, yellow spikes further up, and flowers, with pink petals and yellow centers, at the topmost part. It had a yellow spike protruding out of its head, yellow eyes and a spiky-looking mouth. Other dark green spiky arrangements adorned its neck, the wrists of its yellow-fingered arms, and base. Its base has three feet in the form of root-like stubs.

A couple of Starlys, Pidgeys, and Pidoves constantly fluttered around the Cactus Pokemon. They seemed to be trying to feed on the flower’s seeds. Annoyed and probably quite angry, the Grass-type began to move its body rhythmically to produce maraca-like sounds. It began to dance as well. The up-tempo song and dance eventually drove away the Flying-types.

<That’s a Maractus, one of the newer species of Pokemon in these areas,> Archer helpfully informed me through and telepathic communication. <Arid lands are actually their habitat, though a lot of them - if not all of the specimens we have in the National Park - stay here, in the Botanic Gardens. Thought they’re not usually found on such lushly-growing grass - I guess those birds must have been annoying this one for quite some time now. And it still looks to me a young one, which explains a lot.>

I nodded, amazed at how much my Gallade knew. {How did you know all that?} I asked in disbelief through the mind-link.

Out of my peripheral line of vision, I saw him shrug his shoulders dismissively. <I have my ways, basically.>

I had the urge to ask him further, but decided against it. I could only do a quick nod, letting the topic slide into silence.

“Want to battle that Maractus?” I asked Subayai.

Trainer Statistics:
Name: Subayai
Location: The Botanic Gardens

Encounters Left: 14
Area Effects:
Pokemon Encountered: Buneary (M, Quirky)
Current Encounter: Maractus (?, ???)
Pokemon Captured: Buneary (M, Quirky)

Total Items: Five Parkballs|Two Superballs|Three Max Potions|Three Full Heals|Two Full Restores|One Spicy Splendor Scent Spray|One Dreamily Dry Scent Spray|One Sweet Sensation Scent Spray|One Bitter Berry Scent Spray|One Sour Starfruit Scent Spray|One Mystery Mist Scent Spray|Five Cheri Berries|Seven Pecha Berries|Four Rawst Berries|Two Chesto Berries|Two Lum Berries|One Sitrus Berry
MCR: 3901/15,000

Pokemon Stats

Sakyuu the Flygon (F) - 78%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Toxic|Giga Drain|Solar Beam|Flamethrower|Aerial Ace|Facade|Stone Edge|Sleep Talk|U-Turn|Substitute
<Currently Out of Ball>

Camerupt (M) - 100%
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: [none]

Gengar (M) - 100%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Substitute|Thunderbolt|Psychic|Rain Dance|Taunt|Giga Drain|Ice Punch|Fire Punch|Focus Punch|Sludge Bomb|Swagger|Psych Up|Protect|Sunny Day|Thunder|Snatch|Counter|Explosion|Snore|Sleep Talk|Rest|Focus Blast|Energy Ball|Will-O-Wisp|Shadow Claw|Poison Jab|Perish Song|Haze|Icy Wind


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