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Default Re: Saraibre Ryu vs. Mizuki Emi

Mizuki Emi

[-] Blissey (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 100%
Energy: 94%
Status: Relieved, but still kind of edgy. [+1 EVA]
Fire Blast/Defense Curl ~ Chill

Sariabre Ryu

[Shayda] Araidos (F)
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 100%
Energy: 95%
Status: Annoyed greatly. [1 Clone, PAR]
Dodge ~ Toxic

Round Two

Blissey opened her mouth. Heat boiled up inside her round body, and flames tingled on her tongue. She took a deep breath in, then blew out a breath that would have made the Big Bad Mightyena give a thumbs up. Intense flames poured out of Blissey's mouth.

Shayda knew that she had next to no time. She moved to jump - but her muscles betrayed her. Her legs went slack, leaving her directly in the path of the plume of flame. A hiss of rage and pain escaped her as the blaze scorched her entire body. She glanced at a space to her left. When Blissey's aim had trued up, her clone had disappeared completely.
[Fire Blast: Blissey, -18%; Shayda, -21% HP]
[Dodge (Failed): Shayda, -2% Energy]

Blissey panted with exhaustion; pushing out those flames was hard work. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply and letting go of all the tension in her body. As she calmed herself, unmoving, she began to feel a measure of energy and strength returning to her. She opened her eyes, feeling calm and happy and ready to fight.
[Chill: Blissey, +6% Energy]

Shayda was not nearly as pleased. Rather, she was hungry for revenge. She began to call something other than fire to her aid: poison. Heinous toxins began to mix in her guts, creating a terrible, noxious sludge. Shayda squirted that sludge right at Blissey, drenching the squishy pink healer in purple goo. Blissey let out a wail as she felt the poison filling her blood.
[Toxic: Shayda, -6% Energy]

Mizuki Emi

[-] Blissey (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 98%
Energy: 82%
Status: Coated in goo. [+1 EVA, TOX]

Sariabre Ryu

[Shayda] Araidos (F)
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 79%
Energy: 87%
Status: Feeling a bit warm.

Ref Notes
Shayda's PAR Roll was 96; 1-90 for movement.
Fire Blast's Accuracy Roll was 58; 1-85 for hit.
Fire Blast's Target Roll was 3; 1-50 for hit on Shayda.
Fire Blast's Crit Roll was 16; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Fire Blast's Effect Roll was 26; 1-10 for BRN.
Toxic's Accuracy Roll was 9; 1-68 for hit.
I feel as if I'm forgetting something.

Saraibre Ryu, your moves please.
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