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Default Re: Symbiosis X Mistress Meg


[Windows 7] Porygon (O)
Ability: Trace (Intimidate)
Health: 86%
Energy: 42%
Status: Data analyzed. [-1 ATK]
Substitute @15% ~ Solar Beam/Sunny Day


[Cron] Sandile (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 60%
Energy: 77%
Status: Feeling cold. [-1 ATK]
Earthquake ~ Protect

Round Two

Cron lifted one of his stubby little reptile feet. He slammed the foot down on the ground, causing the entire stadium to shake and tremble. The ground cracked in several places, causing bits of stone and painted dirt to fly out and hit Windows 7. The digital Pokemon gave a shudder of annoyance, but nothing more - it sensed that its opponent had been more weakened than it was willing to let on.
[Earthquake: Windows 7, -14% HP; Cron, -16% Energy]

Windows did not detect much threat in its opponent's tiny body. However, it did know that it should not be unprotected. A code ran through its digital mind, an exact duplicate of itself. It let the code flow into reality, becoming a wave of white energy and then the rigid, polygonal body of a rather dingy-colored Porygon copy that moved with its own life.
[Substitute: Windows 7, -15% HP; -5% Energy]

Cron was not too impressed. He was pretty sure that Windows would have something evil in store. To protect himself, he focused all of his energy into erecting a shield. The barrier, a force field of glowing teal and white, rippled into existence like the shimmer of moving water. Cron smirked. He was untouchable.
[Protect: Cron, -4% Energy]

Windows 7 was equally unimpressed. It began to run another program, this one with similar codes to moves like Flamethrower and Incinerate. An orange sphere formed in the air in front of Windows' nose. This sphere glowed with heat energy. Windows proceeded to 'unleash the power of the sun', in a way of speaking. The sphere flew from its nose and to the center of the stadium, lighting the field like a second sun. The sphere's power seemed to banish the floating sand, almost like magic.
[Sunny Day: Windows 7, -7% Energy]


[Windows 7] Porygon (O)
Ability: Trace (Intimidate)
Health: 57%
Energy: 30%
Status: Not impressed. [-1 ATK, Sub @15%]


[Cron] Sandile (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 60%
Energy: 57%
Status: Tired, and angry about the pointless Protect. [-1 ATK]

Ref Notes
Earthquake's Crit Roll was 29; 1-6.25 for Crit.

Arena Notes
It is Sunny (Ends at the end of next round).
The ground is cracked in multiple places.

5TailedDemonLizard, your moves please.
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