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Default Re: Replication;. {su//open.}

I call dibs on Giratina and Latias. ><
And one human character...

Name:: Sali
Age:: 17
Gender:: Female
Appearance:: Sali wears a bluish grey sweater and a large white gatsby hat with a red tie around it. She stands at 5'7 and has auburn hair that slightly curves around outward, due to the fact it pretty much grew around her hood. She wears a pale blue shirt underneath her sweater. Black slack pants and a pair of grey and red sneakers make up most of her average attire. Often Sali has an optimistic expression on with her hazel eyes gleaming some sort of positive energy and her bracelets, a simple stone beaded one of various colours agate, and another of a pewter bangle, are jingling some sort of pleasant sound.
History:: {Optional.}

Drae [F]

Myst [F]

Truist [M]

Fay [F]

Reija [F]

Dancer [M]

Other:: She is friends with Twyla, of who will be up at some point.
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