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Default Re: 5TailedDemonLizard x Pixel Hunter

The arena's creamy tiles glinted in the golden ceiling lights above me and the two Trainers who had come here for a battle. I looked at them both, waiting and ready to start, without interest. My heart wasn't in it today. But I knew that the show - in this case, today's battle - must go on. With a bit of my determination restored, I squared my shoulders and motioned for the challenger, Pixel Hunter, to send out his Pokemon.

Pixel Hunter chose a smallish, plump blue dragon with a wide mouth and sharp fangs. The Gible gnashed her teeth, glaring at the Trainer on the opposite side of the arena. 5TailedDemonLizard was not too impressed. She tossed her own Pokeball, sending out an agile, keen-eyed green gecko. I watched, hoping that the battle could distract me from my sadness.

Pixel Hunter

[Shark] Gible (F)
Ability: Sand Veil
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Feeling hungry.
Flamethrower ~ Flamethrower


[Karell] Treecko (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready for a scrap.
Toxic/Swords Dance/Dragonbreath ~ Dragonbreath/Attract

Round One

Karell wasted no time in going on the attack. His stomach churned as a noxious, toxic slurry of bodily liquids and natural poisons began to mix in his insides. This mixture worked its way into his throat, burning the back of his mouth. He spat the sludge out, sending the poison flying straight at Shark. She growled angrily as the sticky goo covered her body, filling her with poison.
[Toxic: Karell, -6% Energy]

Shark was more than ready to retaliate. She opened her jaws wide, feeling the heat of flames stirring inside her guts. Like the dragons of old, Shark forced a pillar of fire out of her mouth. Karell gave a shriek of surprise as the flames burned his vulnerable body. Even after the flame faded, several patches of his charred skin still screamed in protest when he moved. However, it was Shark who felt the greatest hurt from that blow - the effort of summoning fore had left her exhausted.
[Flamethrower: Karell, -15% HP; Shark, -29% Energy]

Despite his wounds, Karell was not going to back down and miss the chance to capitalize on his opponent's weakness. He opened his own jaws, feeling a mysterious and ancient power stirring within him. This power worked its way into his mouth, sending a blast of pink, blue, and white flames pouring out. Dragons' fire burned Shark's tired body, making her limbs seize up and tremble from the weakness the attack had left in her muscles.
[DragonBreath: Karell, -13% Energy; Shark, -12% HP]

Shark felt battered, bruised, and exhausted. She tried to summon more fire, but her body wouldn't cooperate. She realized that she and her opponent had both been crippled in different ways. She growled, tired and ready to make Karell pay - as soon as she could move.
[Flamethrower (PAR): Shark, -15% Energy]

Pixel Hunter

[Shark] Gible (F)
Ability: Sand Veil
Health: 88%
Energy: 56%
Status: Really, really mad. [PAR]


[Karell] Treecko (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 81%
Energy: 81%
Status: Pretty well pleased. [BRN (-2 ATK)]

Ref Notes
Toxic's Accuracy Roll was 80; 1-90 for hit.
Flamethrower's Crit Roll was 62; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Flamethrower's Effect Roll was 9; 1-10 for BRN.
DragonBreath's Crit Roll was 40; 1-6.25 for Crit.
DragonBreath's Effect Roll was 16; 1-30 for PAR.

Pixel Hunter, your moves please.
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