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Name:: James Starbauch
Age:: 17
Personality:: He is very pokemon smart smart meaning he has a high IQ for pokemon stuff. He also is school smart too as he already graduated and stuff and is passing online college. He is very courageous. He has done courageous things in the past but, is secretive though which might be bad because he holds a lot of things in. He is weirdly atheletic as he played sports when he was in school so he is a fast runner too and has great endurance. He is a great leader as he makes great plans to fight hard and use and to use his brain in battle to win. But he doesn't like disrespectful things and people just like any bad pokemon gangs who use pokemon for the wrong reasons. He also doesn't like to be talked down to like a kid even know he's pretty young.
History:: He had became a pokemon trainer because his brother was a trainer and had gotten killed in a car crash. So he wanted to became a trainer on his brother be half to up live the family name too. Other wise he would became a professor or teacher or something other than that. He also plans to beat the rest of the gyms as he has 6 gym badges and needs to more to go. Also since he's done with school he would like to finish the rest of his journey and challenge the pokemon league and win.






Other:: He's friends with Gregory Thomas (Genesect)
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