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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Meloetta didn't waste time: Neither did I. Uxie's statement happened to be correct, however: Meloetta easily blocked my first attack, then overthrew it, and I barely blocked her own blow. I went for a kick, but that was blocked with equal gusto.

At that point, our movements became nearly indiscriminate: kicks, punches, headbutts, and several other techniques, all being sent at ridiculous speeds. Meloetta was the clear superior: Her hits were harder and faster, if only by a little. She also had more variety, but I was fixing that problem with each attack she had used. This kind of rapid volley of whatever technique came to mind ended after a few minutes, with me pushing her away, and I realized how good she was: She plugged in a few small hits, but she was without even the slightest red welt, from what I could tell. Moreover, in the engagement, I had been pushed towards the edges of the wall by her, not being able to get away.

I wasn't going to try and see what happens when one touches the wall, so the obvious move was to make her change up her game. We closed in yet again, though I went in with a through, dodging her kick. I grabbed her by the midriff and flipped, forcing her to do a hand-plant. She used this position to hit me in an undesirable location, and I had to let go, while she flipped and grabbed my neck with her feet as I grabbed her legs with my hands. She used gravity to her advantage, and managed to make me fall, getting out of my grip and flipping, kicking me in the jaw before I fell flat on my face, while she landed on her feet. She didn't waste time: She kicked the ground where I was, emphasis on was: I had rolled out of the way, and gotten myself to my feet.

"I will not die. I will not die. I. Will. Not. Die!" I said.

"Then why did you go up against me, knowing the odds were stacked against your favor? We wanted to help you...Some more than others...But as a whole, we would be willing to help you. You refused. Why?"

"I hope Arceus and Uxie aren't feeding that BS about you having a guaranteed victory, because I have a newsflash for you, b**ch: destiny isn't!" I said, going at her again, sliding for her legs.

"I don't doubt it. I hope that you weren't feeling likewise." She said, jumping over me. These Legends knew how to insult. However, she paid for falling for my trap: I put my hands to the ground and pushed out of my slide, quickly transitioning to catch her legs, and she found herself unable to land correctly, and instead settled for falling face-first on the floor, and I let go before she could twist my wrist. I jumped back up first, and we resumed our violent flurry of fists, vigor anew.

Albeit Meloetta still had an advantage over me in strength and wit, she most defiantly couldn't have stopped my tongue from lashing out at her.

"Why kill me?! I will not now or ever hesitate to kill a corrupt member, as is my role. I hate the Onlisk, and it's worst members I hate even further. I despise something for it's worst parts, and it is those I kill. That is my role, so WHY KILL ME FOR IT?!." I yelled, while blocking one of her own punches aimed for the neck.

"Because you don't heed your own knowledge!" Meloetta delcared, flexing out her fingers and hitting my throat with good force regardless.

"You don't heed it either! Where's my fair trial?!" I barked, crunching her fingers between my chest and chin, seeing that blood was starting to spill, and it wasn't hers.

"If only the judge and jury weren't corrupt..." Meloetta said, whipping her hand out of my chin-to-chest grip.

"Yhea, if ONLY HE WASN'T!" I said, kicking her away, landing a good blow to her lower leg, while making one hell of a rude gesture to Arceus. Whatever force that made the ring on the ground appear apparently blocked out sound, but everyone could see the action, and Arceus could do nothing but stare even more angrily than before. Right next to him were the Soul Trio: Azelf, silent and unmoving; Mersprit, looking even more angry than Arecus; and Uxie, who had her eyes open, and judging from the curious look in her eye, something might just have gone wrong. Something I didn't know about, of course.

Meloetta reached for the sword: Shaped like a musical note, though this wasn't terrifically decorated outside of that: Sure, it was fully made of onyx, but otherwise it was your standard blade. I pulled out the Illicit Blessing, ready to face her.

"I thought you hated the Arbiters, why use one of their blades?" Meloetta said.

"Two reasons: A, I will prove to you that I am NOT yours; and B, I liked this one better regardless." I said. "Not like you'd understand what I'd think. Not all insane people are totally insane." I added.

Meloetta made the first move, something I was hoping for, as I put the blade behind my back, too soon for her to move out of the way, but I turned my backside perfectly in time, and there wasn't any way to parry it. Her first real injury of the match was a cut straight to her side, just missing the critical deepness to greatly increase my odds.

Now she found herself outmatched: I was clearly the superior swordsman, capable of doing flips while strafing around her and while blocking blows, which made life hard for Meloetta. However, she wasn't anywhere near a slouch either, and could hold herself with the best of them, and her strategy of keeping me going towards the walls was still in effect. However, I could now use it against her, pushing her back when she couldn't correctly block my blows.

She was nearly towards the wall, when she looked to be trying the same tactic I did, what I dubbed the reverse backstab (You usually have the sword pointed at their backs, not away from yours). I wasn't that dumb, however. I wouldn't fall for it. Her premature shaking motions, dance-like in rhythm, weren't going to tempt me into it either, and if anything, it kept me distant, right in the center.

That was a fool's move.

She threw it, unexpectedly and without warning, and I blocked it, but improperly. It scarred my stomach, ripping through my cloth again, half the size of Storm's cut and going perpendicular to it, but nevertheless a big blow. My recoil was inadvertent, but now my blood was boiling. (Coincidentally, I found out that the scar hit the midsection of the one Storm left, making an, upside-down 'y' on my chest.)

To make it worse, Meloetta nearly got me, punching me, forcing me to let go of my Blade, and nearly taking me to the wall in one hit. I sidestepped the near-instant next blow, and at last, I noticed it.

Meloetta wasn't as scarred as me, but I hadn't any kind of tactic until I saw it: her heavy breathing. She was starting to get exhausted. I looked at her: The wounds were less, certainly able to kill a regular human in their numbers, but certainly not her. She could walk off most of them, and the others required bandages, nothing too serious, at most a cracked rib. I probably had three ribs cracked, seven more bloody cuts, hundreds of more bright-red spots, and millions of more reasons to cuss like a sailor (or Issac) than she did. I wasnít perfect on my own account, as I still had pains that were credited to exhaustion but at least I wasnít as exhausted as she seemed to be.

I was overcome with the giggles nevertheless, and could have been pounded towards a wall if Meloetta didn't ask.

"Alright, have I tipped you...over the edge of sanity?" Meloetta said. "Are you forgetting something?"

"F*** that, here I am, and aside from the wounds, I can breathe easy, literally, and you're trying to find the oxygen at the end of the tunnel. I don't need to breathe, that's just for some optional energy: Not so much for your purposes, eh?" I said, still able to breathe regularly. Dragons donít need to breathe: their Anaerobic respiration produce enough ATP, and Aerobic so little, that breathing is totally optional. Oxygen isnít important in our bodies.

She looked at me and then at Uxie, as did I: Uxie's face had changed from odd curiosity to some kind of form of panic, her black pupils narrowed to the extent where the gorgeous amber that reflected off of them made the red gemstones look cheap, and a few beads of sweat were on her as well. Azelf took notice, and was obviously speaking to her.

I didn't immediately look away, but instead try kicking her in the face, taking a few silent footsteps closer before letting her foot meet my shoe. She had turned around just in time to receive my biggest hit yet, breaking her nose. She was bleeding freely, unable to correct her cartilage mid-battle, but was ready to rock again.

This time, at last, she was slowed down to the point that only her wit kept me from being the outright winner, and my new array of techniques that she so graciously and unawares taught me firsthand were very fun to use against her. But she didn't know where she was going, turned around after that blow to the nose, starting to feel the effects of overexertion.

I eventually wound up exactly were I wanted to be, right under my blade. I pushed her away, and used my legs cleverly and quickly to whip it into my hands: I was armed. Her blade was nearly opposite of where mine was. Sadly, my weapon wasnít in reach of her body.

She ran, panting now, while I kept running, my body paining me from my own exhaustion even harder: Technically, I told the truth, but only for the intimidation; that I didn't look like I was in any particular need to breathe, when she did, was a good morale-lowering tactic.

She was close to her blade, and close to my own as well. Then she pulled out her ace in the hole: She suddenly front-flipped-towards me-and I jumped up to meet her with my blade. Big mistake. She took it with her arms, stabbed me in my own face, and made me fall down on my back. She then picked me up, and dragged me towards the wall, to my doom.

I was outraged: I had been fooled. She needed a weapon when I had one to defeat me? hardly. She used my own. But it was moreover, fury at myself: I had lost, and would pay the ultimate price for it.

"You took a risk: you lost. I feel sorry that you were deluded into your course of action." Meloetta said, professionally. At this point, Latries was the sole reason why I wasn't barking mad. She had me pinned towards the energetically walls at last.

I was expecting an instant death, but nothing was good. However, Meloetta wasn't finished with me just by pinning me towards a wall. She immediately took to beating me up with mach-speed punches, rapidly and ruthlessly. I was starting to lose consciousness...I'd die, there. That's what I thought.

And it was all my fault. It wasn't that I was weak, or stupid, or that I took a risk: I failed to see it through. I'd die here...

...Destiny Isn't...

Exhaustion suddenly vanished from my whole being as rage and adrenaline took their place. F***ing the existence of Meloetta's fist, I grabbed her by the chest, and our heads collided with massive force and fury. I threw her to the opposite wall, but I wouldn't be satisfied by doing her in in the same dumb way she did. Oh no. She'd be dying in a whole different manner.

I quickly scooped up the Illicit Blessing, and ran forward, before she could recover. I then quickly took the blade, and roared my fury, palpable and alive with a voice that would make the most fearsome demons alive quail in terror, slashing at her with a maniacís speed and a torturer's brutality. I eventually was satisfied with her nearly in pieces, and then I beheaded her. Each chunk of her body was red with blood.

The ring was no longer existant, and I quickly stepped out, before a new contender got out to face me. I was bleeding a whole bunch, and I was intent on getting out of here.

"...YOU...YOU...YOU WILL DIE!!" Arceus screamed. "You will die in a pitiful corner of the Nexus, friendless and alone, and you will REGRET your defiance! I am not a dictator, YOU are a TERRORIST!"

"GOOD!" I yelled. "F***ing good, because I could CARE LESS! I'll kill WHATEVER, give me a reason, and I WILL, NO S**T ABOUT IT!" I ranted. "YOU'LL WISH YOU NEVER HAD TO FIGHT ME! YOUR LAST HOPE HAS JUST FAILED YOU!" I added, giving him further extremely rude one-finger sign language.

"...Are you sure?" Arceus said, with a brief break giving him a brilliant bolt of inspiration. "Gear, the Cogix. The legendary Cogix, the one that's supposed to be heir to the Coganan throne, the one that's the greatest warrior the Coganans could ever hope for? The one that has remained untouched in combat skill, use of the Coganan energy, immune to influency, nearly impossible to harm with Psychic attacks at all?. Even YOU couldn't defeat him without help from an arsenal of explosives and a group of strong, loyal Pokťmon, and that was him barely trying. Let's see you defeat him at his best! You are that sure of yourself, then fine, PROVE IT!" Arceus said. I was nearly at the gateway out of here, of course, and the symbol of Justice overhead it prove it proudly.

"...Destiny Isn't, twit. You thought Meloetta would win it. Gear's victory isn't absolutely assured either. And when you meet it, I hope you've got reason better than my failure to fall in line...One your spy hasn't been totally able to get, now has she?" I said.

AT LAST, Arceus looked like he had utterly failed to forsee something.

"Apparently, the ability to see the truth, ONE I WON'T TELL YOU HOW IT WORKS, is one that you haven't accounted for. My visions didn't even show me as much as you twits did, unawares of it all. I knew who it was before I even got her, I knew it all. She is mine now, you will not have her back. Her life is strictly in my hands. You have failed to guess I might have known about this...All of this...Far in advance. I'll admit, Meloetta wasn't as easy as I'd thought, but hell, I'd be dead if I didn't know it in advance. Ultimately, I am the smarter of you all." I said, walking through.

The Lati Gardens were still peaceful, and once again some kind of lightening was in effect. Moreover, healing occured, to my delight, and I wouldn't be getting wierd questions in the morning about the scars and tears in my clothes. I transformed into Latries, and got out.

I was back in my room aboard the Calypso, and barely minutes had passed. However, it had started raining heavily in that time, the sole window's glass being given the appearance of crying in the darkness.

I pulled out the PokeBall containing Lesha, and had let it loose. Lesha came out, confused at the darkness, why it was night. And then I pulled out the sole Encrypt, in my possession the whole time. That was right: I had it on me, and I knew it too. There was no way that Meloetta could have dodged a bullet at close range. I had it pointed at Lesha's heart, point-blank.

"What the...Why are you-"

"You were always a spy. You couldn't deny it if your life depended on it. I always knew...I should have killed you sooner." I said. My voice wasn't mocking. It was the grim, cold rage death could only replicate.

"...So...That's who you are..."

"Yhea, I don't think that too many people like spies in their midst." I said, still grim cold.

"...It's the end for me...Isn't it?" She said. Barely fear, and nothing more in her tone suggested anything else.

My trigger finger was exact, and I had nearly pulled the trigger all the way back, just a little more...Nobody I cared for cared for her.

...The distance was literally on the edge of death...Subatomic particles were larger than the distance...

Then I dropped it. My whole body, limp, fell backwards. I wasn't dead: The gun didn't even go off. I didn't even conceal sounds of sobbing: No interference, not even Lesha's undeniable cuteness (unless you WERE Lesha), was the cause of this. The laws of Justice didn't forbid the killing of a traitor.

Ultimately, I could no longer take blood. After ruthlessly and heartlessly killing Meloetta under near-suicidal conditions, I couldn't kill a Pikachu, helpless and defenseless, utterly unable to do anything. I couldn't reach my family, my dear family, I couldn't tell my friends, I couldn't confide in anybody...It was torture to be bottled up.

To add to it all, it took a minute of this helpless crying, neck totally exposed for Lesha's own mace to have ended me. For her, it was a gain in favor and a deep and dear honor to Arceus and herself far beyond what even Arceus could fully comprehend for: Certainly the killing of a rouge legend that was made to be able to fight off other Legends and take their powers, even Arceus himself not excluded, would score extreme favor and give her much honorable reputation, something she didn't have a lot of. Instead, she came up to me, and tried comforting me, just holding me, not saying anything.

This was a vow: I would never allow anyone to believe in impossibility. And I'd do it by destroying anything dubbed invincible.

And I would do it. Or I would die.
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