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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Ah, Unleashed. How I enjoyed your fighting system. In fact, it houses one of my favorite all time bosses (Dark Gaia Phoenix) which is up there with the Biolizard and Shadow (Generations) XP

'Course, the Werehog would have been better if Sonic had been a bloodthirsty beast like most werewolves are.

...SEGA, please do it.

Nono if Shadow was a Werehog he would be bloodthirsty. Sonic doesn't do the whole blood lust thing unless he's gone Fleetway Super Sonic. Then you all better hide and hope he doesn't find you or blow up the thing/place you're using to hide.

*skips off with Chip*
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