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Blake Skelt
Deviant Grafix
Kroger, near the heart of the city
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Blake jammed a paper clip into the lock on the back door. Why don’t they ever get a better lock? He thought when the door opened with ease. I guess it wouldn’t matter. I would get through that too. He stepped into the store and began searching. Aisle 3, right side. Thank god people can still write. As he approached the usual spot, there were none. This can't be right... They're never out. He went back to the exit and tried to open the door.


What the… He didn’t finish the thought. He was interrupted by a flash. He was right. I am too careless… And now they really do have my picture! As WAE soldiers poured in he smashed the glass door with something he found on the ground. He made a run for it, he may not have the speed advantage but he could hide. He headed for the city limits.

OOC: God why am I so bad at writing?

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