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Default Re: Best Non-Legendary Psychic Type?

Originally Posted by PetraHalliwell View Post
I couldn't agree more. I'm currently using Espeon on HeartGold and it's awesome. :D I'm also using Gardevoir on Emerald and she's also kicking butt. (:
Espeon and Gardevoir looks like in many aspects

Espeon's base stats
HP 65/Attack 65/Defense 60/Speed 110/Sp Att 130/Sp Def 95

Gardevoir's base stats
HP 68/Attack 65/Defense 65/Speed 80/Sp Att 125/Sp Def 115

Espeon is faster and more offensive as long as Gardevoir is more deffensive and slightly less offensive than Espeon, but very similar. I'm still prefering Espeon, thouth.
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